Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Miswords and Miscommunication

Many times I have written about Jesse's misuse of words. When she was younger she called the hazard lights in a vehicle, tragedy lights. "Better turn on your tragedy lights, Mom." always cracked me up. Then there was the time she said something about shaking macarenas. Once she say's something wrong, it is difficult for me to come up with the right word, because her wrong word is so close to the right word. It took me forever to come up with maracas for macarenas. There was also the time she used Nipitor for Neosporin. She still misuses words - and she still falls into fits of giggles when you point it out to her.

On Saturday we had the GGs, and we took them to WF with us. On the way over, we were going to stop in Thornberry (a small farming community north of WF) where Jesse was house sitting. The reason she was house sitting was to help hatch guineas. Why these people went somewhere when they had eggs ready to hatch in the incubator, I don't know. Why they left Jesse in charge, I don't know. Since the guineas had started hatching, we were planning on stopping by with the GGs to watch the process.  Jesse sent us the address of the house (way out in the boonies) and a photo of the entry way, which was a cattleguard. I showed the photo to the GGs so they could help locate the house. GBN1 said, "Oh, it has a caddilac." Of course, she meant cattleguard. She said it several times even after I corrected her. It made me giggle every time.

Jesse came home Sunday afternoon for Father's Day. She was done house sitting and hatching birds. At one point, we were discussing some Neem Oil that I had bought. Exbootneck   had shared with me that Neem Oil could be used as an insect repellent on dogs, and that the oil has many other uses for people as well. I was planning on using it to rid the dogs of fleas and ticks - hopefully. At another point in the weekend conversations, Jesse asked me if I was going to put the Neem Oil into a spray bottle. I told her that I had thought about that, but that I had thought about putting is straight on, but putting it in a place where it could not be licked - like the back of the neck . Yada yada. Jesse blinked at me. "Well, it is supposed to be pretty strong stuff." Blink, blink. Confusion.
 "What are you talking about?"
 "I'm talking about putting Neem Oil on the dogs - where they can't lick it." Jesse started laughing, "Oh, I was talking about putting it on myself as a natural insect repellent, and I was wondering why you  thought I would lick it."


Jo Castillo said...

Pretty good weekend! I hope I can remember the caddilac story. We had a quiet weekend. Meeting our high school friend again Thursday or Friday. Need to look that up!

Thanks for sharing, love your stories.

Bag Blog said...

Our weekend was actually pretty crazy. We are hoping to relax next weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hope the rivers weren't too high, with all that rain!

Moogie P said...