Thursday, July 02, 2015

As the World Turns

Life has taken some major turns since Saturday.  First of all, my mom fell on Saturday afternoon and broke her upper arm (humerus bone) near her shoulder. That was bad enough, but she claimed the neighbor across the street came to her door to yell at her about her dogs being out. Then when she tried to shut the door on him, he shoved her and sent her flying. She claims he saw her fall, knew that she could not get up, and then he ran off. So the police are involved. They took her story and took pictures of her bruising and said they would look into it in the next couple off weeks. Because of my mom's dementia, I can't imagine anything coming of this. Although I believe this man was probably involved in some way, I am not sure of the whole story.  And I'm not sure we will ever know the whole story.  He probably did come over and yell about Mom's dogs. She probably tried to close the door on him. But did he hit the door open and it threw Mom backwards? Did he reach in and shove Mom hard - as she said he did? Did she trip over her dogs and he tried to catch her? But if he saw her fall, why didn't he help her. It is just such a horrible story. My mom is quite upset and tells the story over and over.

Toby and I went over and spent Saturday night and most of Sunday with her. Then my sister came Sunday night to stay. Monday morning I went back over to WF to help with Mom - doctors appointments and such. The good news is that Mom will not need any surgery. She has her arm in a sling and a wrap around her shoulder and upper body.  The stress of the situation and possibly the pain medicine has caused much confusion for Mom. She fell twice - two of the three nights my sister and I stayed with her. The dementia and balance issues are tough on all of us.

For years we have talked about Mom moving to an elderly living apartment. She used to be okay with the idea. Now that is seems very necessary, she is opposed. The discussion on Monday night did not go well. Mom became very agitated and upset with us. We got her calm, but still angry, and put her to bed. It shook us all. I did some serious praying for her and for us. The next morning she woke up not even remembering the episode. I was very thankful.

So, we started over. On Tuesday my sister and I took Mom to one elderly living complex. Mom was impressed and admitted it might not be so bad. While we were there looking at the apartment, my sister got a call saying that her husband had had an accident and was being rushed to the emergency room in Amarillo. After several more phone calls we got more of the story. He had been installing a porcelain sink in their bathroom. While carrying down some steps, he missed a step and fell with it. It shattered - cutting his forearm severely as well as cutting his knees and such. He needed a vascular surgeon and surgery to put veins, tendons, and muscle back together. He will need more surgery again when the swelling goes down. He will need extensive physical therapy to regain the use of his right arm and hand.  Of course, I sent my sister home. She has reported that he is doing well - pain, swelling, and itching are problems, but he was better. Through a series of events in the past, my sister and her husband do not have any medical insurance. It is worrisome. Here is a website where people can donate money to help my BIL and his family. Prayers are good too.

I stayed another night with Mom and set up home care for the next few weeks. Mom was already doing so much better. We still have lots to deal with there, but things were better when I left yesterday. She let me take her dog - the one that escapes and causes the neighbor to go berserk.  Now if we can just get her someplace safe.

For the next while, I will be back and forth to WF. Jesse has been off in Wisconsin and now to Chicago for a little vacation.


Moogie P said...

Oh, Lou. Your plate is so full. I'm so sorry. Sending up a prayer or two for your entire family.

CenTexTim said...

Wow. Tough week.

Getting my parents into an assisted living facility was the best thing we ever did for them - and us. Hopefully your mom will come around to the idea.

Bag Blog said...

Moogie, all prayers are welcome.

CTT, you're right. My MIL has been living in one for several years now. It is great for her.

Anonymous said...

I thought everyone had Obamacare (SCOTUSCare)!

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking, maybe have the home care nurse bring some pamphlets for some nice places, and maybe have a realtor stop by and tell her how much the place is worth. - ka-ching, it might work! :-)