Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Dancing in the Beans

Red, white, and blue - that would be the color of my little toe that got sideswiped on the kitchen island. I'm very proud of myself for not cussing or crying like a baby. It just seemed like one more thing gone wrong in a whole list of things. On Thursday (before the toe sideswipe) I decided to get a pedicure, since my toes were looking exceptionally bad, and it is sandal weather. For some reason the nail salon had kick-boxing-wrestling on TV -  Big hairy men sweating on each other - not at all attractive or what women want to watch on TV. The Asian guy doing my pedicure was enraptured with the wrestling. I guess it is a guy thang. When Toby and I go out to eat, if there is a TV in the place (and why are there TV's in restaurants?- pet peeve) Toby is not allowed to sit where he can see the TV. If he does see the TV, it does not matter what is on, his eyes drift to the TV and hang there. And so the guy doing my pedicure was not paying attention when he grated my toe and cut me. Although the guy poured antiseptic over my toe, I prayed that my toe would not get infected, and then went next door and bought Neosporin. Now with my little toe looking black and blue on one foot and the other foot with a cut, I feel like a cripple.

Today when I go over to check up on my mom, I should have lots of sympathy for her. Or possibly we will look like we have been in a fight.

While I'm in WF, I need to do some grocery shopping. We totally ran out of coffee - yikes! My husband, son, and several of their friends are into buying and roasting their own coffee. One guy bought a roaster and roasts and sells coffee at church. He was a no-show on Sunday. So, Toby and I had to resort to using coffee that we had bought last year in Peru. While we were in a little village in Peru, we got a lesson in picking and preparing coffee beans. Apparently the beans are laid out in the floor to dry. Then someone comes along and walks ( I picture Lucille Ball dancing in grapes) in the beans and crunches them a bit to get the shell off. Yep, coffee beans have a shell. The green coffee beans that we bought and brought home still had their shell. My son roasted them anyway. So, in order to use them, we have to de-shell the beans. While watching TV the other night, Toby and I sat and shelled beans. Very tedious work. I kept thinking, "Someone forgot to dance in my coffee beans!" It seems a good saying for my life right now.

On a good note, I found myself a tomato dealer. You see, I'm a vine-ripened tomato addict. My own tomato plants are pitiful and not producing yet, but now I have found a seller. I may make it yet.


Jo Castillo said...

You are having a tearjerker of a summer so far. I'm sure glad you will have some nice tomatoes.

Gene and I both came down with horrible coughs, runny eyes and aching. No fever or stomach stuff, thank goodness. We were in bed and couldn't pack so are not going to Palo Duro as planned tomorrow, going to Angel Fire on Sunday instead. We feel some better, but makes my sympathy for you that much stronger!!

Hope things perk up at your place and we will try to do the same! Hope the moms are both doing better. Hugs from Texas.

Bag Blog said...

Jo, Ya know, I would complain about my summer so far, but since the temps have been mild and have not reached 100. I may make it.

Hopefully we will see you in the mountains.

Moogie P said...

I'm sorry no one danced on your beans. Sounds like you shouldn't try to do it yourself.

Hang in there!

Bag Blog said...

Moogie, Dancing may be out for a while, but the thought makes me smile.