Friday, September 09, 2016

Let the Painting Begin

The ladies came to paint with me yesterday. I guess we have not painted since last Feb when Robin broke her wing. Then I had my appendicitis. With the end of the school year, I just put off painting with the ladies. It was good to have them again yesterday. We painted in acrylics, which was easy and quick. My friend Janice had Googled "simple paintings" earlier this summer so that we could paint some bathroom paintings for her work place. She printed out lots of simple paintings pictures. Yesterday, we used those simple painting pictures to work from. Many of the simple paintings had scripture verses, so we added those too. They are kind of cutesie art, but they are fun and fairly easy and they are good brush-time.

I have been continuing my daily watercolors. Sometimes I do something really simple and sometimes I get a bit more complicated depending on how much time I have. After the ladies left yesterday, I painted this scene from our vacation to Ecuador a few years ago. This is a water taxi that took us to the Arajuno Jungle Lodge. Jesse took the photo and captured some fun light. Light makes for a good watercolor.

I was particularly pleased with this painting, because I don't do water very well, and I thought I did pretty well on water. When I showed the painting to Toby, he gave it an okay, but not much enthusiasm in his review. That always makes me worry that something is wrong with my painting.  So I texted it to Jesse. Jes liked it, said it was good, and that it was a good memory. Her review made me feel better about posting the painting.

The Saga of the Hearing Aids:
On Thursday I went to Wichita Falls to take Mom to the hearing aid place and see about replacing one of her older hearing aids - the one that the dog ate. Two weeks ago I took her to get her newer hearing aids back in working condition. She spent most of the summer without hearing aids, because she had lost the ones we bought in Feb - the ones we  bought to replace the ones she bought two years ago and had lost.  Anyway, less than a week after getting the new hearing aids working again (the dog ate the wires off of them) she totally lost one of the aids again. We now have the old hearing aid working again and another one ordered. Next week I will go back and get those fitted and tuned in. This morning one of her friends called me to say that Mom had put the battery in the wrong, and they could not get it out of the hearing aid. I had to ask which hearing aid, because she is wearing a new one and an old one. OMG! This hearing aid thing is crazy.


Jo Castillo said...

This is a great painting. I really get the feel of the river and remoteness.

Bag Blog said...

We swam in that river and cooled off.