Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Labor Day Work

Our friends, Shay and Lindz, are opening up a coffee shop in Duncan, America. It reminds me of our younger days when we did something similar - we opened a little cafe in NM. Shay is taking a building that has been many things including a daycare and he is remodeling it to be a coffee shop. Toby and I took a really old building in Red River that had been a cafe back in the 30's and apartments in the 80's and turned it into a cafe. Remodeling takes LOTS of work.  Walls have to come down, walls have to be built, plumbing is redone as well as electrical work, etc.

Knowing how much work it takes to re-do an older building, I have been helping Shay this past week. I'm pretty good help, but I'm not as young as I used to be. Nor am I in as good of shape as I was in my younger day.  After working all week on covering the walls with wood from old pallets, I had to take Friday off, because my feet were so swollen. 

After a few days off, Toby and Jesse came on Monday, Labor Day, to get lots done. We finished the wood walls and painted the other walls and got lots done. It was a good day with good friends.

In the meantime, I have been continuing my painting in the World Watercolor Group. Here are my first paintings for Sept with the theme of "vacations." Sometimes I use the prompts given - as in the beach ball and the sunglasses. The prompts are good, because I don't have to think as much about what I want to paint. The other paintings are from photos of different vacations.


Linda said...

They are all lovely paintings! You have tremendous talent!

coupe said...

I hope they put the coffee shop in a high traffic area! ha. Course if they are going to be selling ground and beans by the bag and not the cup, it won't matter with all the sippers.

I'll have to see my doctor in 3-months in Wichita Falls, so if it ain't snowing maybe I'll take the Duncan scenic road back.

Bag Blog said...

Coupe, the coffee shop is about one block east of hwy 81 on Main Street. Maybe I'll see you there.

Bag Blog said...

Linda, thanks. Stop by my blog anytime.