Monday, September 19, 2016

Sister Time and WWG Paintings

My sister came to Wichita Falls on Friday. She got there around lunch. The plan had been to pick up Mom and go to lunch, get our nails done, and go by the hearing aid place to get a new hearing aid ford Mom. Kathy got there right on time. Although both of us had called Mom to tell her the plan, she forgot or was hungry. Anyway, she was already eating lunch when we went to pick her up.  So we changed the plans a bit. Still, we got our nails done and got a new hearing aid. It was just later in the afternoon before we got it done. Since Mom had a date that evening, Kathy and I dropped her off at her home and went to happy hour with Jesse and her teacher friends. After a cheap margarita and some Mexican food, we needed a cup of coffee. We moved over to the new Frank and Joe's coffee shop - spying out the competition for Shay and Lindz. We also stopped for some hair-color. You may think that was odd, but for us, doing each other's hair is a treat. Back at Jesse's house, I colored both Jesse and Kathy. By this time, we were worn out and decided to sit around and visit. Like we hadn't been visiting all day.

I love having my sister around. We can just look at each other and know what the other is thinking. Often this leads to bursts of laughter. It also means that I can take time off with Mom. I'm still with her, but I let Kathy do the "handling" part. I don't mind doing things for Mom, but sometimes it is nice to hand that part to someone else.

On Saturday afternoon we had a little time to kill, so Kathy and I drove down into Tanglewood Hallow where we used to live. My parents had one of the first houses built in that area, which was/is a really nice neighborhood. Mom and Dad bought the house when I was a junior in high school. It was in the process of being built, so we picked out all the carpet, wallpaper, tile, etc. Remember that it was the 70's. Mom let me choose the carpet for my bedroom and the wallpaper for my bath as well as the tile. I chose a light yellow carpet - I had pink furniture with some lime green thrown in. For the bathroom, I chose yellow tile (apparently) and wild pink floral wall paper. And I painted  similar flowers on the toilet. Hey, I was 17 and it was the 70's. Mom and dad sold that house after I went off to college - forty years ago. I've often remarked that Dad should have kept that house, because it would be worth $200,000 easily now. It is still a very nice neighborhood.

So, as we drove around the neighborhood to the old house, it turned out that there was a garage sale going on at our old house. Kathy and I stopped to visit the folks and see the old house. The house was not looking great. The yard was overgrown and not fixed up very well. The garage doors were sagging and in need of paint. We stood in the driveway talking to a young 20-something girl. In the conversation we learn that the house still has some of the same wallpaper that we had chosen and still had the flowers I painted on the toilet seat. OMG! That was 40+ years ago! The girl mentioned the "hideous yellow tile" in my old bathroom. I don't really remember the tile, but I'm sure it was lovely back then :) Through more conversation, we discover that the girl, her daughter, her mother, and her grandmother all live there. I don't know about any men, but that is four generations living in one house. It's a little odd for that neighborhood. When Kathy and I got in our car to leave, we were thinking the same thing. Lots of laughter here. Our old house is not worth $200,000 as we thought. Good thing Mom and Dad sold it after all. Or was it?

Here is my World Watercolor Group painting for Sept. 13 prompt was cocktail
 Sept. 14 my choiceI also did this red bud painting in a pastel, because I wanted to try it
 Sept. 15 prompt was waves

Sept. 16 prompt was camping gear
Sept 17 prompt was recreational vehicle
 Sept 18 prompt was canoe


Jo Castillo said...

Wow what a good friend you have. I haven't commented in almost a month. Yikes. I saw you new water colors on Facebook I guess. Our internet has been so bad and I'm using my iPad. Grumble.... We have another week here, then home to grumble about that Internet. Would I rather have city life and good phone and Internet? No!

Great you had such a good time with your sis, Jessie and your mom. That is a good thing.

Your paintings are so good. I loved the restaurant and the red bud trees are super, the pastel, too. I'm so proud of you for sticking with the challenge. You have a great series there. You do figures so well. Gosh, can't say enough good things about your artwork.

Say hey to everyone. :)

Bag Blog said...

Jo, I figured it had to do with internet or computer problems, but I was missing you.

Blast from the Past said...

My parents got an apartment in Portland in 1949. It was brand new, and all young couples moving in. All with new babies, so everyone helped everyone. It was right next to one of the best parks in Portland, and I remember getting my picture taken by my dad and crying my eyes out because the hill was too steep.

My mother stayed friends with every one of those couples their entire lives. Other friends may come and go, but those guys were like sisters. I used to always drive back and watch the neighborhood deteriorate. Also, the hill I couldn't climb as a kid was in reality nothing, ha.

After years the city finally bulldozed the whole neighborhood, got rid of all the junkies and section 8 people, and starting with the park they built the place new with all modern homes and big sidewalks. It looks beautiful now. The list of neighborhood restrictions is 4 pages of legaleze. No working on your car, no boats, RV's in the streets, and no Taco Vans!

Two of my brothers are retired and living in our old home. 1200 sq ft for two men. That's a little cramped, and only one bath.

It still has the shag carpet my mom put in in 1972. Urp! One of my brothers tore his out of the bedroom, as he thought it might be full of junk, as he had trouble breathing in there. Yea-uh! ha...