Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Weeks Not Over

Sometimes you don't realize how exhausted you are. This morning I went back to bed after Toby went to work. I slept for an hour and a half - deep sleep. I would probably have slept longer, but the phone woke me up. Then I forced myself out of bed and into the shower.

On Monday of this week one of our very good friends was in a serious car wreck. While waiting to turn left off a highway into his work place, he was rear-ended by a truck. It sent his truck crashing into a culvert and then flipping upside down into some water. He broke all his ribs and breathed muddy water into his lungs. The EMTs got him quickly to Duncan, but he was then airlifted to OU Trauma Center. The doctors there did not give much hope thinking that he seemed to have a hole in his heart and saying to call the family in. But our friend made it through surgery and is stable. Although he is heavily sedated, he is squeezing hands and making eye contact now and then. The doctors have been amazed. It is through the prayers of his family and friends that has brought this healing. I know that I have cried and prayed all week. Our friend still has a long way to go, and lots of prayers to go, but I am thankful to God and need to say so. Monday's painting

Also on Monday my mom's home health nurse called to say that she thought Mom's elbow was infected - like tennis elbow. Mom had fallen a couple of times in the last several weeks and hit her elbow.  She gets in a hurry and rushes around, but her balance is not what it used to be. She is actually in great physical shape for an almost-85-year-old. Anyway, the nurse said she was calling in another nurse to look at the elbow on Tuesday. So Tuesday afternoon that nurse called to say that she had seen Mom's elbow and had made an appointment with the doctor for the next morning at 9am.  Tuesday painting

Early Wed morning, I headed to WF. I called Mom three times to make sure she was up and getting ready, but she did not answer. It makes me feel helpless when I can't get her, but then there is nothing to do about it. Chances are she would not be up and ready or maybe she would be. She was not. Thankfully I had arrived early enough to rush Mom around and barely make it to the appointment on time. The appointment went okay. The doctor did not think the elbow looked that bad, but she did think that Mom' head sores were not good - could have some infection from Mom constantly picking at herself. So we got an antibiotic.

We met Mom's boyfriend for lunch. Mom is not a particularly pleasant person these days, but she acts better when Robert is around. Odd that. When I took Mom home, she went immediately to take a nap. I fixed her meds for the next week. Then I did something a bit sneaky. Mom had been carrying a ratty old purse. The ratty part did not bother me, although the handle had been chewed by the dog and the weaving was coming undone and hanging with loose strings. It was the fact that there was nothing to the purse structure-wise and the clasp did not work anymore. When she sat it down somewhere, it fell open and stuff fell out. What a pain in the butt! Since Mom is prone to losing stuff anyway, this was not a good purse for her, but I did not want to argue with her. She had also been wearing silly shoes with a slippery heel. Not so good for a person who bobs and weaves when she walks! But I did not say anything about the stupid shoes. I really hate the fight with her. I'm prone to fighting to win, but with Mom there is no point.  So, while Mom was laying down in the bedroom, I got her good purse and switched the contents from the old ratty purse to the better purse. Then I carried the old ratty purse away. I just did not want to argue with Mom again. Sigh. I really don't want to trick my mom or lie to her. But I am beginning to think that it is much easier on her this way.
Wednesday painting


Jo Castillo said...

Oh, my. Prayers for your friend. Driving is so scary now. Wishing the best for you and your friends.

Ah, your poor Mom. As Francis' 96 year old friend said, "This golden age is a bunch of s_ _ t!"

I really like your paintings. You know I love old houses. The camera looks so fine. And who doesn't like boats.

Old Folks Back Home said...

I always taught people not to turn the steering wheel if you are sitting and waiting to turn. If you get rear-ended you will go where the wheels point, and generally you don't want to be pushed head-on into the opposing lane. I think this is basic knowledge though.

I had to trick my mother to make her bed. I would make her breakfast and put her in the chair she had trouble getting out of, and then rush into the bedroom and change the bed. She didn't want us to know she leaked, but we told her that we already know! it's not a secret. Anyway, I said, that's what the mattress protector is for. Same argument, over and over. I'm almost the age when she went berserk, so I'm probably a real pleasure myself...

We bought her a bathrobe every year for Christmas. Really nice ones. She always brought them back to the store, so we got smart and cut out the label first. Nope, she always wore her old ratty bathrobe. I wanted to bury her in it, but my brothers all decided on a cremation. The funeral home refused to let her wear it, as it broke some rule they said. We probably should have sent it to Ripley's Believe it or Not!

Bag Blog said...

Jo, my friend in the hospital has been doing well. He is having surgery on his neck today. I went to see his family at the hospital on Friday. They were also doing well. Thanks for the likes on my paintings. I'm ready to do pastels for a while.

Old folks, I hope our minds stay clear.