Friday, November 11, 2016

Sort of Funny

Let's start with something good and sort of funny first. After the big day with my Mom on Monday, she called several times on Tuesday about her prescriptions. She wanted to know what pharmacy we used. Never mind that we have been going to the same pharmacy since she moved into the elderly living place. Each time she called, she was very nice. Talking on the phone with her is always difficult, because she can't hear and has lost one of her hearing aids again. The good part was her attitude. She told me that she appreciated me taking her and Larry around and getting their nails done and for putting up with both of them. She laughed and was quite pleasant. She said she appreciated all I did for her. Wow! Of course, I answered, "Thanks, Mom! I love you."

The sort of funny part was on Wed. Mom went out to eat with my brother and Jesse. My brother said she did pretty well. He mentioned to Mom that he had recently spoke with our older brother. This reminded Mom of her recent conversation with Craig - the conversation where she told Craig that she wanted him to get her money away from me. She did not want me to have her money. She told Pete that she wanted him and Craig to take care of her finances. Pete reminded her that he did have control of her finances. Well, she just didn't want Lou to have them. So much for the appreciation :)

Now for a bit about the election: I did not vote for Hillary, so there has been no crying around here. Mostly I have felt great relief that maybe the Clinton Era is over. I'm not thrilled with Trump, but I have more confidence in him than I did Hillary. I don't know what the future holds, but at least, it won't be more of the same.

Through out this election, which was quite horrible and forever long, I did not unfriend any of my liberal friends on Facebook. Sometimes I thought they were very wrong, but rarely did I argue with them or get mad.  Sometimes I showed them other viewpoints, but I was never ugly. I take that back. On Monday of last week with all my Mom troubles, I did pick a fight with someone on FB. It wasn't someone I knew, but he was enormously stooopid and arrogant. It wasn't a fight exactly (although I was willing) but I did show the guy some links and argue a bit. And since he was not my FB friend, I didn't feel bad about it.

But after the election, some of my liberal friends have been even more horrible - name calling, whining, etc. And you know what I did? I un-friended one of my old buddies. Enough is enough.


Narayana Babu said...
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Narayana Babu said...
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Jo Castillo said...

I am happy the Clintons are silenced for a while, too. One of my friends here was not able to function on Wednesday. She is sure they will have no insurance, or healthcare, etc. Sigh….

Your mom sounds a bit feisty and that is good.

We are great grandparents tonight! Oliver made it into our lives and mom and baby are fine. Yay! In Kentucky so we won’t see him for a while.

Bag Blog said...

Jo, Congrats on the new great-grand! You'll be chompin' at the bit to go to Kentucky.

No prize for you said...

My mother said she was giving the house to my brother and I wasn't getting anything. I'm not sure how I was supposed to feel, but it was just fine with me.

My brother took care of her until she died. I thought the house was deserved.

I'm afraid he may have suffered under this stress though, because the house still has the shag carpet she installed in 1975 or so. Long shag! I think it could sell for a fortune in Hollywood for an original set for a 70's show!

Although I keep telling him he is probably going to die from the mold and dust under it.