Friday, December 30, 2016

Political Views or Obama Review

Last night while driving home from WF, my mother's 85 birthday dinner, I was listening to some radio show when the news came on. One of the news segments was about Obama's sanctions against Russia for interfering with the Presidential election.  The reporter said that the sanctions were the toughest sanctions put on Russia since the Cold War. I have had several thoughts on this:

First of all, I find it very ironic that the Democrats poo-pooed Hillary's misuse of her emails while being Sec. of State as not being serious enough to indict her.  The FBI reported hundreds of classified emails being mishandled by Hillary, and that was just the ones the FBI saw and not the ones that were hidden or destroyed. Now the Russians allegedly hack into the Dem's emails. Hmm, how long have they been doing this? Have they been hacking into Hillary's emails too? No wonder the Russians have no respect for Hillary. They've probably been looking into her for a while now. Of course by helping Trump, they just lost one of their best information sources.

Another thing I find ironic is the outrage that the Democrats have over what was exposed.  The Dems show a video of Trump and his locker-room talk and then accuse him of all sorts of sexual misdeeds. (That in itself is ironic considering Hillary lives with a sexual predator and the Dems had the man elected President as if his sexual misdeeds were of no consequence.) Obviously this video was used to sway the election. When their own misdeeds were exposed in order to sway the election, the Dems  cry foul. Understand that I do not think cyber crime is okay. Nor do I think it is okay if Russia can hack into anyone's emails. The ironic part is that Democrats exposed Trump with glee, but then whine when they get exposed. Karma.

Lastly, I find it odd that through eight years of Obama's Presidency, he has done very little when another country does something wrong. Russia can invade other countries or aid our enemies and Obama does nothing. North Korea fires missiles - nothing. Mexican drug lords kill hundreds of people - nothing. People can riot in the streets, kill policemen, loot businesses, etc, and Obama acts if the people had the right to do so and that the victims had it coming. Indians from all over the US have a "peaceful" demonstration where vehicles are destroyed, tires are burned, people are seriously injured, hundreds of people are arrested - Obama does nothing and leaves the state to pick up the bill. I could go on and on with Obama's lack of leadership. Obama has been mealy mouth at best.  But now with 22 days of his Presidency left, someone hacks into someone's emails and Obama puts the "toughest sanctions since the Cold War" on Russia. It reminds me of a coward that runs up and punches someone, but runs off and leaves the fight to someone else.


Jo Castillo said...

Sad it is!! I love your ending about the coward. What a shame he didn’t do better as a representative for black people and all the USA. Such a lack of goals and caring. Sigh…….

coupe said...

I read somewhere today that the Russian hacking is sort of like WMD's in Iraq.

The federal agencies all can't get on the same page. Some think it's bogus, the others want war.

I read that NATO said their expansion was just going to be political, but now all of a sudden we have Army troops on the Norwegian/Russian border, and NATO artillery within range of Saint Petersberg.

Meanwhile, the Air Force is short 1000 pilots. The enlisted people to maintain them are even worse off.

If you are going to start a war, at least prime the pump!

John said...


The hypocrisy with the Dems is off the charts to say the least. They have known about the Russian hacking for years and have not imposed any actions. Only when Hillary loses does Obama and the libs start crying foul. He is close to surpassing Carter as the worst potus in modern history. BTW...Susie and I are going out to dinner the day Obama leaves for a celebration. Been planning this dinner for years!

Bag Blog said...

Jo, I've had that same thought.

Bag Blog said...

Coupe, Obama is just throwing a punch and running out - leaving a mess.

Bag Blog said...

John, a celebration dinner sounds nice.