Monday, January 23, 2017

Internet Woes and Parnoia

I don't want to be done with my blogging. I still love it, but I have been a bit paranoid about using up data on our phones, which we use as hotspots for our internet. Sigh. Such is life in the country.

As last month drew to an end, it. was apparent that we needed more data. It seemed odd, because we had not downstreamed movies or done any other data-sucking activities. Our main use of the internet is to read news and browse Pinterest and keep up with Facebook and I play games with  a few friends. Amazingly enough that put us close to using up our data.  So, we got more data. I'm still paranoid about going over our data usage. And blogging takes up time on the computer.

My plan for blogging has been to turn on the hotspot, pull up the blog, turn off the hotspot, write out the blog, turn on the hotspot, and post my writing. What a pain! And so, I have just not done much of anything with my computer. When I do turn on the hotspot and the computer it is to browse my two favorite blogs and maybe comment on them. I hate commenting from my phone or reading blogs from my phone for that matter. It all comes down to living in the country where internet companies are few and far between and those that are here, are pitiful. Maybe Donald Trump will make everything better :)  Or maybe I will just have to do better with my internet time.

Here are a few paintings I have been working on. All are oils. None are finished. In fact, taking pictures of them made me see several things that need work. I'm posting them so that you can see that I have been doing something. Also know that the light was not great. After spending about an hour looking for my camera rather than using my phone for pictures, I didn't care so much about getting the light right. This first painting is one I am doing with my ladies. It is a 9x12.  This second one is a small 8x10 done to use up some of the paint left over from the ladies. I was just having fun.  
The third painting is much larger - like a 24x humongous. I had painted in very dark, definite shadows, but I took them out. I had painted the trees too warm, but I cooled them a bit. They still need to be dulled down. Anyway, They all need more work. 


Jo Castillo said...

Your internet woes are my internet woes. We do have a company that gives us more data, but the signal goes in and out so we can't use our On Demand services from Directv. At least I can mostly use the computer. If you go over data it just slows down, not go away, so you can still do e-mail. I do not like doing stuff on my phone. Jennie gave me a bluetooth keyboard that I can use on the iPad so I can type easier on that at least. I still love my iMac so I can have two things up on the screen (or more) at the same time. Sigh.... All the new things are going to the clouds which means you have to be on line more. I want it on my computer in my hands. Progress.... pbftt.
Love seeing your oil paintings. I really like the landscape/cityscape. :) It has great depth.
Happy to see you posting!!

Bag Blog said...

Thanks, Jo. The city-scape needs more work. The trees are very bright although I cooled them. I have some ideas for paintings rolling around in my head. Hopefully I will get them down on paper.

I need to relax on the data issue, but it is a subconscious thing or maybe an excuse. It just feels very limiting. I think of the days when people were worried about going over the talk time and then text time. Now phones have unlimited talk and texting, but not data. Will there come a day when the phone companies quit jackin' us?