Thursday, February 23, 2017

A little Rant This Morning

This morning I watched a bit of Good Morning America. Why I do that to myself, I don't know. They did a news segment on the Dakota Pipeline. They reported that Feb 22 was the last day for protestors to leave the Dakota camp. Today is the 23rd. The news segment showed police arresting protestors although only ten were arrested and that was because they were not where they were suppose to be. Then they showed an interview with a young Native American girl weeping into the microphone saying that they were being thrown off "their land... forced to leave their home." Really? Someone should tell her that they were on Army Corp land not Indian land and that the temporary camp was not her home. Then she wept, "I am not a criminal..." Really? You defied a court order and are on property that is not yours. You have been given time to leave and even aid in leaving, but you did not leave or accept the help in leaving. Hmm, that makes you a criminal, and you can be arrested.

So why didn't the reporter point these obvious things out to the young lady? Or why did the news segment include her. It seems this is the type of fraudulent reporting that Trump is talking about where they report some truths like: it was the protestors that set fire to some of the camp and injured two people (a 7 yr old and a teenager), the protestors are in danger of flooding from snow melt, and there needs to be massive clean-up before the floods or the river will be polluted, but then they include an emotional girl crying and saying things that were not trure - putting a spin on the news as if it were the police who were the bad guys.

Also on GMA this morning was the news that Trump had changed Obama's order for schools and transgender students. Obama wanted schools to let transgender students use whatever restroom they wanted - because it was their right.  Although, Obama's ruling had an injunction against the ruling and was not in effect yet. GMA showed people protesting Trumps order and saying that "transgender students were not being protected".  That "protecting students" was the big issue on the news segment. Really? How does letting a transgender boy in the girl's bathroom or a transgender girl in the boy's restroom "protect" anyone? 

I don't see how anyone's rights are being violated. I like Ben Carson's views


Jo Castillo said...

You are so right and all the protesters that are against “hate” and “violence” are out screaming death threats and breaking windows and looting. There is no way to have a conversation anymore. I have two democrat friends that refuse to even talk about politics because we don’t agree. How can you find middle ground? I have another that we argue and grumble, but we agree on many things like immigration. It is beyond my comprehension level. :(

Bag Blog said...

During the election, the media so mislead the people as to who Trump was and what he actually said that people believed them. Now those people think that Trump is some racist, crazy man who is against women, gays, and whoever else they can think of. It is like the media wants to destroy Trump and they are willing to take down the country with him. When they poison the minds of the people here, they poison the minds against the USA all over the world.

harryo said...
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