Friday, February 24, 2017

Art Weekend Coming

Today I am headed over to WF to run some errands, check on Mom, attend an art show, and tomorrow I will judge a high school art show. Yeha! 

Jesse has a continuing education class at MSU where she is taking ceramics. It allows her to use the ceramic room and be a part of the art scene. She has made some good friends in the class, which is a bonus. Tonight the class has a little art show and party. I get to go! I'll take photos and share later.

Tomorrow is the regional high school art contest in WF. Depending on how many students enter is how many judges they require. One of my old art buddies who teaches art in Iowa Park is the chairperson for the VASE  (Visual Arts Scholastic Event).  So last month Jesse asked if I would judge. I had to go online and take a simple little test to acquaint myself with the contest. I'm a bit nervous judging such an important show. The top art students will go on to state. The judges interview the students as well as review their art. I'm excited, but anxious. Last night I had anxiety dreams - you know - where you can't get it together and get somewhere. I know it will all be fun and exciting, but for the moment, I'm just a bit weird.  I'll let you know how it all turns out.

Yesterday my art ladies came and we painted. I showed you a pastel of a house that I did last week. Well, I also did the pic in watercolor, because some of my students like to do watercolor more than acrylic. We finished up the paintings. I should have taken photos of everyone's work. They were all so different. One lady painted very warm colors and one used very cool colors. Both paintings were nice, but  very different. I lean towards warm.  One lady still has not finished her painting, but it is exceptional - gonna be really nice.  Here is my watercolor


Jo Castillo said...

Congrats to Jesse on her class and show. Say hi and hugs from us.

I’m sure you will be a fair and excellent judge! I love the house painting .. as always. I like the shadows and depth with the hills behind. Applause..

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Bag Blog said...

Jo, Jess's students did very well at the VASE contest. In fact, three of her students will be going to state in San Antonio in late April. That is actually quite a feather in her cap.

harryo said...

I think you should appreciate that your daughter probably has all the same "bull" you had in your school, but yet thrives anyway.

I think it has to do with youth. Maybe in 10 years she will vent, but not right now. Now she can punch clay, and drink booze, ha.

Bag Blog said...

Harry, I'm sure my daughter has the same bull in her school. Some schools have more bull than others. Some have more support than others.

harryo said...

I had a job for 5 years as a courseware writer. Basically I went to school to learn how to write technical training guides, in a module form. All the teachers resented that I wasn't a teacher. They didn't understand that I was creating tools, they were the carpenters.

Anyway, it was very depressing, and no respect, so I decided to go do something else. Which was good, because while the process was fun, I wasn't getting rich.

Anyway, that was my only experience with teachers. I'm sure Art teachers are more laid-back :-)