Tuesday, February 28, 2017

70's Photo

One of my old friends posted lots of her photos from the 70's on FB.  It was fun to see the photos and the pics of old friends - back in our younger day. I spent a good bit of time trying to figure out who some of those youngsters were. We've changed lots.

Growing up in a small mountain resort town had lots of pluses.  The kids who worked in the resort were like a family.  That was apparent in the FB photos and the comments. There was definitely a bond forged.

Then I came across this photo of my dad along with my friends. You may wonder how and why he would be in their photos. But in a town like Red River, everyone does things together - usually a the local bar. The bar was a place for families. I grew up dancing with my dad at the bar to the local band - as did every other kid in the area. This photo was taken sometime in the 70's - probably at the Motherlode.  Those were good times.  My dad was always a favorite with the young people. He was there at the bar, dancing, having fun, but maintaining a certain dignity and demand for respect. Does that make sense?  Maybe it was because he was a school administrator. He loved kids. Loved being with them, but he was one serious dude.

Seeing this photo was like being punched in the stomach. It made me catch my breath and tear up. Sometimes I miss him so much. When dealing with my mom becomes overwhelming, I often think how much Dad loved her and took care of her. Then I am strengthened to continue. For Him.


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