Friday, March 03, 2017

Art, Horses, and a Baby

We have had a Mexican crew working on our stucco for the last week or so. It has been fun having them around - they were happy and singing and working.  The work was actually a bit noisy at times making it hard to teach art, but we got through it. I'm just glad they did the stucco and I didn't have to do it and my house looks great now.

It has been funny to come driving up to the house while the workers were all over the yard and the house and all my critters hanging with them. The miniature horse was often with them because he can get out of the electric fence and eat the green grass up near the house. Then there is the lone chicken that Toby set free since she was not laying anymore. The workers had obviously been feeding her, because she hung out with them too. I saw her with a banana peel in her beak.  Of course the dogs liked the attention. Anyway, it was funny - looked like a wild party at the Lazy B.

Yesterday, along with all the workers and the critters, my art ladies showed up. I had cars, ladies, animals, workers swarming the house. As we sat down to do art, one of the ladies mentioned seeing my horses out on the road. Dang it! I had to go round them up and put them back inside the electric fence. Three times I had them almost inside the fence when they turned and bolted for the edge of the pasture near the road where there is no fence right now. Finally, I got a bucket of feed and managed to get them to follow me into the electric fence area. I was worn out. When I got back to art, steam was radiating off my head fogging up my glasses. If I had had a gun, we would not have any horses anymore.

Then we did art. Everyone was great to already be working on art without me, since I was off playing cowboy. But when I got there, I had to help and instruct a bit - check out everyone's work. No problema. One of the girls has had a new baby (about 3 weeks old) and brought the baby and her mother to art. I thought the mother was coming along to watch the baby. Wrong. The mom did art too. The baby slept most of the time, but then woke up, nursed, and needed to be held. By that time it was obvious I was not going to get to do art, so I held the baby. It was rough, but someone had to do it.

Toby was late getting home, which gave me time to kick back and relax. Well, relax as much as possible. My mom called twice to give me a good chewin' out. Ah dementia, I hate you more than I hate the horses today.


harryo said...

I think you said earlier they weren't your horses anyway. I'd terminate the lease on those beasts.

Bag Blog said...

Harryo, I had to chase them again on Friday and then on Saturday morning. I'm amazed the cowboys ever carried guns. If I had been carrying, I might have shot the horses.