Thursday, March 16, 2017

Spring Break Museum Trip

Jesse is on spring break this week. Last year on her spring break we made a trip to the Amon Carter art museum to see Thomas Hart Benton and kick around Ft Worth. This year we went to the Dallas Museum of Art. They had a Mexico exhibit with Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera as well as other Mexican artists.

Since Jesse taught AP art history classes, she is very knowledgeable on different artists and art movements. Frida and Diego were very interesting people - if not a bit wacko. Jesse was a good art guide telling me stories on Frida and Diego. I enjoyed all the art, although some of it was a bit dark - Mexico and all its turbulence was an influence on the artists. You might remember that Jesse dressed like Frida last Halloween for a school carnival event.

It took us a while to drive to Dallas through the traffic and road construction, but we weren't in a hurry. It was a good thing we were flexible, because once we got there, we stood in line for well over an hour to get into the Mexican exhibit. And that was just the upstairs part. Then we went downstairs and stood in line again (only much shorter this time) to see the rest of the exhibit.  While we were in line upstairs, we ran into my sister-in-law from Austin and her mother. My SIL was visiting her mother who lives in the DFW area, and they had decided to see the exhibit also. My SIL's mother is 90+ years old and as spry and smart as they come. Still, standing in line would have been hard on her (it was hard on Jesse and me) so she was in a wheelchair. They had already seen the downstairs part of the exhibit and had come up the elevator to see the upstairs exhibit. That is when we saw them. Such a crazy thing! We stood in line together for a little while and then entered the upstairs part. The whole exhibit was really good, but my SIL was right - the downstairs part was the best. Jesse and I took this selfie with the Two Fridas.

After we had seen the entire exhibit we headed outside the DMA to the food trucks. It was really a beautiful day for setting in the park and eating at the little tables provided. There were probably seven or more food trucks to choose from. Some of the trucks had long lines. Since Jesse and I were pretty tired of lines and very hungry, we chose the Asian tacos and basil lemonade. It was good, but both the tacos and the lemonade were a bit sweet for my tastes. We would have liked to have seen some of the other exhibits at the DMA, but we were worn out and it was almost 4 PM. We needed to head home to avoid some of the Dallas/Ft. Worth traffic. I drove while Jesse rode shotgun and worked the Google Map, which took us home some unusual way. We eventually got out of the city area. By the time we got to Decatur, we decided to stop and eat again. Museums make you hungry. By the time we got back to WF, I decided to spend the night with Jesse. We picked up a movie at a Red Box and cream for my morning coffee. Then we curled up and watched Brad Pitt in "Allied." The movie was just okay, but not great - kind of disappointing. But I had a great time with my daughter.

The next day, I ran several errands in WF and picked up my mom for lunch. She was on her good behavior. It made for a good day before heading home to OK.


Jo Castillo said...

Love the photos!

Sounds like a perfect Spring Break. Hey to Jesse!

Bag Blog said...

Jo, It was a fun trip. One of these days I'll make it to the Austin area for my fun.

Two Frito's said...

You two should have worn Frida outfits!

I took some certification classes in Dallas a few years ago. I mapped out the route to Schlotzsky's using a back road, as the "free"-ways were going 20 MPH.

I guess the saying is true, that "free" is often too expensive.

Anonymous said...

I wish you guys had picked me up or met me there!

Bag Blog said...

FF, I'm drawing a blank on who this is.

Anonymous said...

I'm just a long time blog follower who has remained anonymous because I am a private person. Have spent much time in Red River and Taos and found your blog years ago by googling Questa Honey (I have a jar). I live in the Fort Worth area but I am from central Texas so whenever you write about all these things I feel a connection with you. I am an art lover so I love to see that...Also your travels to Europe remind me of the same. In short, I just feel like I know you from your blog. But don't worry I am not a stalker.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and the above comment was from the anonymous "FF".