Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Super Booboo

It was a busy weekend and got busier as it went.  Saturday we took the day off. Well, I say "off" since we did not go to Wichita Falls. Instead, we did some things around the Lazy B. And there are lots of things that need doing.

First thing out of the gate was to run to town to pick up plumbing supplies when Ace opened.  For once it was not our water that was a problem, but it was us who caused the problem. Sort of. For months we have been working on building fence around the outside of our property. The neighbor has been helpful, sort of, and was going to sling some grass seed out where the county boys had cleared the land for the fence. The neighbor asked Toby to use his big tractor and plow to break up the soil for the seed. And Toby did just that on Friday evening after getting off work. Unfortunately, when the county cleared the land, they scraped off quite a bit of top soil and pushed it into the bar-ditch - leaving the neighbor's water line only a few inches underground. We knew that the county boys had accidentally torn up the neighbor's waterline several months back when they were clearing the fenceline, but we were not really privy to the exacts - being that it was not our waterline. On Friday, Toby plowed up the neighbor's waterline again. He and the neighbor had to call Carl, our local waterline expert and all-around-great-guy, to come help find the shut-off. Then they all worked until late trying to put it back together. It did not go back together - not the right parts. That is what sent Toby and I to town first thing on Saturday for parts. Then we fixed the neighbor's waterline ASAP. We are fairly good at such fixin's.

Next on the Saturday agenda was the yard. While Toby worked on the cleared fenceline, I worked in the yard spreading out the topsoil we had dumped a few weeks back. We were due some rain and storms for Saturday afternoon, so we wanted to get the yard and fenceline as ready as we could. My job of shoveling and raking dirt did me in, but the yard was better. Still not great. One of these days, I will get my flowerbed put in. Sigh.

Sunday after church I rested up for my big assignment. My DIL's father was having surgery in OKC on Monday morning. Of course she wanted to be there with him and her mom. So, I volunteered to watch the grandbabies on Sunday evening, spend the night, and then all day Monday.  It really went pretty well. I did have to referee a bit. And I had to use my teacher voice once. It put the fear in them - as expected. The younger boys are learning or as their dad says, "in training." They need lots of oversight. You can tell by the above photo that they are really pretty sweet. Their parents got home from The City about 8PM. I was worn and wallered.

My DIL's dad did well during the surgery (how's that for some alliteration?).  I got home around 8:30 PM. Today is art with the little girls. I gots lots to do today.


Jo Castillo said...

I am exhausted from reading this! You and Toby are amazing.

Cute photo of the boys. Can’t help but love them…...

Bag Blog said...

Jo, Don't worry! I guard my lazy time and use it well.

writing services said...

Awww you are looking so cute with your sweet babies. Sunday is a family day and yes, we should spend it with our family. Spending time with your family is always love.