Thursday, May 11, 2017

Head Cold

It has been a slow week. I've really got nothing...except a bad head cold. It started on Tuesday with the feeling a worm went up my nose causing tingling and sneezing. Then buckets of snot. Then my head swelled up with pressure behind my eyes and teeth. I ran a low fever causing achy bones. Poor Toby! He would leave in the mornings with me sitting in my recliner in my comfy clothes (sweats), covered in a blanket, and a small pile of used Kleenex all around me. Then he would come home to the same scene. I did absolutely nothing the last couple of days, but sleep. I love my recliner when I have a cold. I build my little nest around me with computer, phone, Kindle, Kleenex, blanket, etc. Then when I get sleepy, I can just kick it back and rest. The slightly upright position is much better for me and my congestion/dripping.

I'm doing much better today, although, I woke up with a headache from sinus build up. But just a little time in the recliner sitting up and some massaging of my sinuses has worked wonders. Either my fever broke or I had a hot flash - it's hard to tell sometimes. Since I'm feeling better, I think it was the fever breaking that caused the sheen of perspiration.  Anyway, things are looking up. Still, I will stay home again today in hopes of being completely healed tomorrow.

Tomorrow I am supposed to go to WF to take Mom to get her nails done, maybe out to lunch, and whatever else she wants. My brother and I are also supposed to look at a place called House of Hope, which has a dementia unit. It is a very nice place. I don't know if Mom is ready for such a place or not. This is all new to me. But I want Mom to be engaged in day to day stuff - not just lying in her bed whining. On the other hand, maybe she is still too cognitive for a place where everyone has dementia. Is cognitive the right word? Anyway, we will just check our options.

Here is a little watercolor I did last summer from a friend's photo taken in Cuba. I love the colors of Cuba and would like to visit there.


Jo Castillo said...

Wishing you the best with your mom. So difficult.

I love the painting. Color is my turn on! She has movement and stature ?? . My smile for today!!

Etienne said...

When I used to fly on a radar plane we would look for drug runners crossing the Caribbean from South America. They always got away when they landed in Cuba. We hoped to get them flying out of Cuba to the USA, but they used speed boats from Cuba to Florida. Those boats were faster than Mario Andretti :-)

Oh well, another lost war. Our tax dollars at "work"...

I read once: "Many older people don't respond well to large amounts of yellow because it vibrates too fast for them."

I'm sure it is an LSD thing...

Bag Blog said...

Thanks Jo, I always appreciate your views of my art.

Etienne, You need to meet Jo's husband who was a DEA agent in South America. He has a great story about driving one of those drug-running boats up the Amazon.

Iqra said...

nice post