Monday, May 08, 2017

Wild Life Refuge

This is my painting from this past week. I have worked it to death and it still needs some work. Sigh!  Sometimes you have this visual  - in your mind - of what you want the painting to look like, and it just does not happen. Maybe I like the photo/reference so well, that I thought I could make it a great painting. Maybe it will improve.

Here is my new fridge. :I think it looks so much better than the old one. Hopefully the double doors on top and the freezer on the bottom will be great. I need to put all my stuff in it and magnets on the door. I kind of hated to junk it up yet.

Mom's dog, Buddy, came to live with us on Saturday.  Last week when I was in WF, I should have taken him with me - when she would not get out of bed to take him outside. She has been pretty pitiful. I thought leaving him there would be okay - hoping she would have to get up and move around - take him for walks in the courtyard. Also, I was afraid she would have let me take him last week, and then change her mind and call me all week. Instead, she called me on Friday and said, "Come get him." Apparently he pooped in the apartment and she said she had to clean it up. Although, she did not clean it up. My brother did that. He is a good brother. Buddy has gotten very fat and was probably a bit sick from all the table food Mom feeds him. Anyway, he loves being here with the other dogs and having the run of the yard. He is already doing better.

It is beginning to be Lou's Home for Wayward Dogs. We also have a chicken that runs free in the yard and comes up to eat dog food (is that cannibalism?). We have two cats roaming and taking care of mice. Fortunately, we got rid of the pony and the horses have stayed penned up rather than free roaming. Maybe it is more like a wild life refuge.  I think I need an otter.


Jo Castillo said...

I love the painting, if you let it sit a while you will be happier with it.

Love your fridge, I have a similar one and love it. Mine isn’t as wide. I like the freezer on the bottom so the shelves in the fridge are wider. Nice and looks great!

Sorry about your mom. Difficult times, old times. We are getting there….


Bag Blog said...

Thanks, Jo. I will let it set and look at it for a while. So far, the fridge is really nice.

essayguard discount code said...

Sorry about your mother. Hope she gets well soon. Buddy is a very charming dog <3 looks a bit sad in the photo though. And your fridge is so beautiful and looks spacious to me.