Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Coyote Trouble

Yesterday morning I looked out the window to see my red-heeler, Jack, playing with another dog that looked very similar to him. Wait a minute! That's a coyote! And they were not playing! Jack was right on the coyote's tail chasing him in the front yard. I hollered for Toby and the gun. About that time Max, the Dane, came out to help Jack. The coyote took off into the pasture, but didn't go too far. Max and Jack were smart enough not to chase the coyote back into the woods - lots of times other coyotes are waiting in ambush. By the time Toby came with the gun, the coyote was out of range, but still visible. Then he moved on off and out of site.  It is not unusual to have coyotes come fairly close to the house, but it shook me to see him in the front yard with my dog. I think the coyote was after my lone, free roaming chicken (who thinks she is a dog).  I'm glad Jack, who is in charge of ranch security, was on the job, and his faithful sidekick and deputy, Max, was with him.

Toby teased that we should put the small dogs outside for the day - with a pork-chop tied to their collars.

In the Mom News, I spent the day in WF working along side my SIL packing and cleaning on Mom's old apartment. Most of our day was spent sorting through her closets. Dang! That woman had lots of clothes!  We got lots done, but still have lots to do. This weekend, we need to get the apartment totally cleaned out. We will have a large garage sale later this summer using Jesse's house and garage. That's what she gets for going off to Greece for ten days.

Of course I went by the HOH to see Mom. It was a good visit. Although she was a bit sad and told me over and over that she did not like eating with crazy, old people, she was actually very calm.  She sat up in her chair, dressed nicely, and talked to me without yelling at me or throwing a fit. This is SO much better than our visits for the last year or so. I pray that she becomes content where she is and can live peacefully.


Etienne said...

I noticed a lot of rabbits hopping everywhere during brush-hogging. I could probably use a Coyote or two.

Not many dogs on the run around here. I see a few cats, but they seem content with the mice.

Bag Blog said...

I hear the mice have been a problem this spring, but not at my house. My killer cats do an amazing job. These two cats must be pretty smart, because they have been around for several years and the coyotes have not eaten them. Or maybe I have pretty good dogs. The food chain is interesting.

Jo Castillo said...

Yikes! We had a mouse before we left home and caught it with a trap. Yucky. We left poison for ants and mice. See how the house is when we get home. Glad your mom seemed better. Lots of work. Looks like Jesse is having fun. Hugs....

Bag Blog said...

Jesse always has fun. She keeps sending me snap chats, but I can only see them once and then they are gone.