Monday, June 05, 2017

Crazy Fast Weekend

Toby had to work Saturday morning (end of the month stuff). So I went to the empty-nester's breakfast. Toby decided he needed to eat too and went with me before going to work. It was a cool overcast day making the breakfast at Halliburton Park perfect. We were off to WF by 11 AM. We went straight to Mom's new place at the HOH. My brother was already there. Before going in, we stopped to pray. You just never know how it will go with Mom.

We went in to find Mom up and dressed and sitting in a chair. This was such a difference from the past year where we almost always found her still in bed, and most times still in her PJs. In the past, even if she was up and had been to lunch, she would be back in her bed. It was as if she didn't know what to do with herself, so she just went back to bed. But Saturday was much better.  Our visit was quite pleasant. Mom sat and talked with us. She told Toby a  story about how she had been the hind-catcher on her high school softball team. She said in one game the ball hit her in the face. She said she went to the spring dance wearing a white dress and a black eye. It was good to hear my mom being more her old self - witty and charming.

One of the things that the HOH has repeatedly said was that it was important to keep the residents calm - providing a calming atmosphere, taking care of their needs so that they do not fret, etc. Whatever works, I am for it! Being prayed up was good too.

Saturday night we had a birthday party for Jesse. Lindz and Shay came. Bo, Sara, and the kids came. Kat was here too. Toby cooked steaks on the grill. Once again, the overcast day made it great to sit out on the patio and visit. It was a late night, but lots of fun.

Sunday, Jesse and I drove to Clarendon, TX, to a graduation party. My niece graduated from Texas Tech, and her little brother graduated from Amarillo High. My nephew is planning on going to Tech in the fall, while my niece is starting a job teaching first graders in Amarillo. My BIL had cooked pulled pork in his smoker - yummy stuff! His parents have a house on Lake Greenbelt which was a perfect place for a party. 

It was kind of funny that as we got to Clarendon, I read the instructions on getting to the party (typical Texas lake housing, which is haphazard at best) - Turn on FM road ... Drive to the end of the blacktop where there mailboxes are, and then follow the balloons to the house. So I am flying down FM road ...about 70 MPH. We came to a curve which slowed us down an bit. Then suddenly we blew past the mailboxes and hit the gravel road. I slid to a stop. It was an OMG moment! Looking around there were no balloons to follow. About that time Jesse said, "Watch out for that car!" as a car came flying around the curve, blew past the mailboxes and slid up next to us. It was my brother - having an OMG moment too. We guessed at the best way to go and then found a balloon or two to follow to the house.

Again the overcast day was cool and nice - a bit humid, but pleasant. Jesse and I arrived at the party about 1 PM and left around 5 PM. We got home around 9:30 last night. If you think that was a crazy, fast trip, Jesse leaves this evening for a trip to Greece! I will just stay home and recover and clean house and do laundry and maybe do some art.

Tomorrow, I will work on cleaning out Mom's apt. Remember, that we had recently changed her apartment. I don't look forward to going through her stuff again, but maybe it won't be so much since we just did it a few months ago.


Jo Castillo said...

Whew! A very fast weekend. We had a friend that said, “It doesn’t take long to stay all night at Gene’s and Jo’s!” Nice your mom was better. Safe travels for all…..

Bag Blog said...

We are still hoping to get away sometime this summer - even if it is a short trip.

Etienne said...

I still remember my first grade teacher. I think she was about 35, and had these cats-eye glasses that were probably popular in the 50's. Your niece looks so young to be a teacher. I hope she can operate a paddle! Mine knew just the right amount of force to get my attention. hard!

When I was in the 6th grade she became the principle, and she had even less sense of humor.

Luckily someone burned the school down after I left, so I can't go revisit the prison, oops... I mean school.

Bag Blog said...

Funny how when we were young, all teachers seemed old.

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