Friday, June 30, 2017

The Vacation Is Over

Getting back into the swing of things after a vacation is always hard. Toby and I have done some work around the house since he had a few days left of h is vacation when we returned from the mountains. Cleaning house and doing laundry took up lots of my time while Toby worked in his garden. We had a house-sitter while we were gone who took care of the animals, but it is amazing how dusty and dirty the house gets in one week. Well, when you have a pack of dogs like we do, and live in the middle of a hay pasture, things get hairy quickly.

Since we have been back, we also had some guys come and put guttering around the house. For a while now, when we get big rains, the water seeps under the house and causes serious water to stand - not good under the house. We have a pump we use to pull water out. Then we set a fan in the crawl-way. But the new gutter should fix the problem by catching water off the roof and re-directing it away from the house. It is amazing how the new stucco and now the gutter has made the house look very nice. Also, the house-sitter did some painting on the carport. Now rather than just oilfield pipe looking brown and rusty, we have things painted white to match the house. Yay!  Now I need to get my patio looking better. I do have some nice plants on the patio, but there is lots of stuff that needs to go to the barn. It's a never ending job.

Yesterday, I went to WF to a meeting with all the care-givers where my mom lives. I walked into a board room with a table full of workers - social worker, doctor, two nurses, activity director, speech therapist, and dietician. It was a bit overwhelming for a minute - I felt like I had been sent to the principal's office. But they were all very pleasant and professional.  My brother joined the meeting a few minutes after I sat down. For about an hour, they all discussed their observations and care for Mom. It was pretty amazing. I learned new things about dementia and treatments. They addressed Mom's speech problems, anxiety, mood swings, etc. and offered new ways to deal with the problems. They answered our questions and listened to our concerns. It was great. I left there feeling like my mom is in the right place and is getting great care.

All the staff at the HOH said they thought Mom was very polite and sweet. Pete and I were skeptical. But Mom has always been very social, pleasant, and has a great sense of humor. I just don't see that side of her much anymore. Sure enough, when I went back to see Mom, she started in on me - she wants her phone, she wants out of the place, she wants more clothes...And she was ugly about it. Although I tried to redirect her attention, she was pretty persistent. I think just seeing me triggers all her anger. She seems to associate me with all that is wrong in her life - everything is my fault. Sigh. Eventually I told Mom I had to go, but would be back on Saturday. The vacation is over.

I know that the HOH is a good place for my mom. She is safe and well cared for. I am hopeful that she will settle in and settle down and maybe be more like her old self again. I pray that.


Etienne said...

Tell your mom if she doesn't learn to like that place, you are taking her to the Fort Sill brig in an orange jumpsuit.

Then rattle some hand-cuffs at her.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for our annual trip to Taos/Red River this month. We never saw pictures fromJess' trip to China so I hope we will hear more about Greece. I do nursing home ministry, and what you are saying is very interesting and enlightening. I never got the trial of going through this for my parents. Your reward awaits you.


Bag Blog said...

Etienne, The orange jumpsuit would certainly solve the clothing issues with Mom!

FF, I am still not sure who you are, but enjoy your trip to RR/Taos. I am missing the mountains already.

Jo Castillo said...

Your mom sounds like my brother. He knew who to be nice to and was always mad at me. He knew that if he made Gene mad, that was it. So……

Your house is sounding great. Nice to get a few things finished.