Monday, June 26, 2017

Relaxing Vacation

We are home from the mountains. It was a nice seven day stay in a condo in town, although we had wanted a cabin in the woods. Turns out that the condo was a good deal and it had wifi. It seems that we are more addicted to the internet than we thought.  Well, maybe. I think we could have roughed it for a week and read books rather than search the net. Mostly we use internet to communicate with others - like Skyping with Jesse. Messaging with a few others. And since we had wifi, we used it for entertainment and keeping up with the news and weather.

Speaking of weather, it was warm in the mountains for this time of year. In fact, it was actually hotter in Taos than it was in OK for a few days. I was looking forward to cool mountain air, but it was a bit hot and dry. My nose has still not recovered. We slept with the windows open and a sheet to cover us most of the time. Before we left, it was finally cool enough to put on a blanket in the early morning hours. The temps were in the 80s to 90s in Taos, but cooler in RR. The locals were all complaining about the heat. Although it was not as cool as I wanted it to be, there is just something about mountain air that I love.

We saw lots of old friends. I love visiting.  Toby rode his bike while I walked the street and went in and out of shops visiting my old buddies. We had dinner with a few old friends, too. We spent some time in Taos with my brothers and their wives. The wives shopped Arroyo Seco while the men fished. Later in the evening we ate at Sabros in Arroyo Seco sitting outside and listening to Jimmy Stadler who was pretty darn good. It was a good meal with good food and a good time with my brothers and their wives. We also ate at Orlando's one evening - my favorite!

I did do some painting - a couple of little watercolor sketches and a 9x12 pastel. I took lots of photos to do some more paintings now that I am home. Toby and I listened to two books on CD. It makes the long drive up and back go a bit faster or at least more entertaining.  We wanted this vacation to be relaxing, and it was. Now it is good to be home, though. Toby has a couple of more days off, so we can get a few things done around here. And we will celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary tomorrow!


Jo Castillo said...

Sounds like a good time in the mountains. I like Orlando's, too. Haven't been to sabroso, we will try it this August.

Jo Castillo said...

Oh, Happy Anniversary! You are slowly catching us! Gene says, hi, too.

Bag Blog said...

The food was good at Sabroso, but it was not Mexican food. My brother and I had liver and onions over a mound of garlic mashed potatoes. Toby had buffalo short ribs. The atmosphere was really fun and since we were there for Jimmy Stadler it was very enjoyable. Thanks for the anniversary wishes.

Etienne said...

Liver and onions. My favorite food. I usually cook some at least once a month. My mother soaked the liver in milk. I'm not sure of the exact recipe, so I just soak it in whole milk for a few hours. Supposed to tenderize it as the enzymes attack the meat. Seems to do a good job.

I think she said it was the poor mans calf liver.

They got after a chef in England because he only cooked it 3 minutes on a side. Someone got ill. But I figure if it's more than 3 minutes on a side, then you might as well eat a shoe.

Bag Blog said...

This liver was very tender. It also had two slices of bacon cooked with it. How can you go wrong with bacon?

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