Monday, December 11, 2017

It's a Deal

After much stress, we got a contract on Mom's house. It is not much different than what the title guy said to do. We just had to throw the idea around in our heads for a bit and talk to the buyer some, and PRESTO! It was done. I am so ready to sign the deal and be done. Will I miss Mom's old house? Nope.

I am on to getting Jesse ready for the art show. I picked up several of her newer ceramic pieces at her house and brought them home so I could get them to the show. I like them. They are thrown on the wheel with some hand-built parts as well. I wrote a little bio for Jes. The things I do for that girl! These are wood-fired. The buffalo is a wall hanging.

We had Mr. T's 5th birthday. He was pretty cute. The first gift he opened was a little lego set from his Aunt Jes. He was thrilled and he hugged her and was all that was gracious. The next several gifts were not as exciting. He was certainly not so thankful and huggy.

Maybe it was the opening of the gifts that was more exciting than the actual gift. His parents gave him a Bible with his name on the cover. He opened the gift and said, "Oh, it's just a Bible." and he moved on. His dad asked him to read what was on the cover. T said, "Holy Bible." It was not so important to him that his name was on it. Pretty funny!  We gave him a little Casio piano. It was a hit. Anything electric that makes noise is usually a hit.  There were a few scuffles between Mr. T and his younger brother. All in all, it was an exciting evening.

We went to Aunt Mildred's funeral. It was good to see my cousins again, but there is beginning to be less and less to keep us together. Now we will have to make a real effort.  I hope we can do it and not lose touch. 

I am hoping my siblings will come for the closing on Mom's house. It is set for her birthday in December. Hopefully we can have a party and celebrate the end of the business part and enjoy time together.


Jo Castillo said...

Jesse’s pottery is beautiful. Love the little feet on the pots.

Happy you got the house done. Getting together would be good for you.

Kids and birthdays. Ours always liked the boxes more than the gifts. You never know….. Sounds like a fun party.

Etienne said...

I hope it's a Catholic Bible, as they have 7 more books inside for the same price :-)

Bag Blog said...

Jesse's art is fun. I like the way she incorporates animals into different pieces.

Bag Blog said...

Seven more books! What a deal!