Thursday, December 14, 2017

A Woman on a Mission

Wowzers! I got so much done yesterday.  I was like a woman on a mission.  Well, I don't have my Christmas stuff up yet, but maybe I'll get it done. Maybe not. Anyway, like Santa Claus, I made a list and stuck to it to get lots done.

My old friend Kathleen had commissioned me to do a pastel of her family's cabin in RR. Then she asked me to do a little watercolor of the cabin for her cousin. So I did both. I got the cabin done months ago and finally got the watercolor done in November. Packaging and shipping them was my next hurdle.  Being the great procrastinator, all this took me some time. I had saved some boxes from my recent art supply purchases - frames from Art to Frames - the box was perfect for shipping a framed painting - duh. I messaged Kathleen to get her address for shipping. She used FB messenger to pay me. How cool was that! I need to keep up with these new fangled tech stuff. The watercolor:

Also on my list was getting my paintings, as well as Jesse's art, to the Chisholm Trail Arts Council for the upcoming faculty show. I had already framed some watercolors for the show, but I needed to make tags - name, title, medium, etc - for the back of each painting. I also had to make out an inventory list of both my work and Jesse's. Then I loaded it all in the car.

Another to-do on my list was getting the ITBS tests in the mail to be graded.  Earlier this week I gave the ITBS test to four young men. I love having boys in the house. We did two days (mornings really) of testing. It is not difficult to do the testing - just time consuming. After the tests, I made sure there were no stray marks in the booklets and that they filled out the name stuff on the answer sheets correctly - all so that the tests can be graded accurately. Then I have to fill out some tester/teacher stuff and get it mailed back to Bob Jones University.

Since I was mailing stuff, I thought it would be a great time to send my SIL one of the snowmen I had painted. I have painted so many and I needed to get rid of some. Plus my SIL is a good egg and sends me lots of little things - very considerate and sweet.  Considerate and sweet are not my strong points, so when somebody else is amazing, I need to take note. Example: Robin Egg and her hubby came over to eat dinner Tuesday night and watch NCIS with us. After they left I told Toby, "Gee, I didn't even offer them coffee." Toby said, "Yeah, you even made them get their own tea."

Anyway, I got everything loaded into the car and went to town. We have a place called Southern Box that does UPS and FedX stuff.  I shipped my paintings to Kathleen and my tests to BJU. I had thought that I was going to have to go to the post office to send my snowman to my SIL, since I needed to buy a large padded envelope. But no, Southern Box took care of everything! Then I headed over to drop off artwork at the CTAC where I also made plans to do a little Christmas watercolor card party next week. It's always good to keep your foot in the door with the local art world.

I had so much time on my hands before meeting Toby for lunch, that I got my oil changed,too.  After lunch with Toby, I did my Wal-Mart shopping. Then I dropped by Viridian Coffee to purchase some coffee gifts for my relatives' Christmas gifts. That was a lot of my Christmas shopping done with one swoop.

I admit that when I got home from town, I took a nap. But I also did a bit of watercolor and got ready for church.  It was a very productive day.  I wish all my days were more so.


Etienne said...

I'm going to go take a nap after just reading about all those errands!

Jo Castillo said...

Your day was great! Yowza!

I love your painting. You are so good.

I did mostly computer stuff and packing for mail yesterday. I was exhausted last night. Us procrastinators had a good day! Today was productive, too, but Gene was tired. He spent the morning at the post office and HEB (grocery store). We are going to the Front Room in Smithville for some sushi. We take our recycle to Smithville so we do accomplish something besides eating. Grinning.

hanifah3100 said...
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