Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Christmas After All.

For all of my busy-ness, I did not put up my Christmas decorations until yesterday. And I didn't want to do it then.

Turns out that Toby's mom, his sister, and his nephew are coming here for Christmas. Having them here will be great. Decorating for Christmas - not so much. I had thought we were not having a Christmas this year what with Jesse heading to CO and my family being weirdos. I was just getting used to the idea of just Toby and me, but no. Now we will make dinner and have guests. I guess the grand-kids can come too.
Here is the little village that I painted for my mom and dad - I painted one building a year for years. They always displayed them on the buffet. It is kind of nice to have them.

Speaking of grand-kids. I went to see Star Wars with the GGs on Sunday afternoon. I sat next to GBN1. She is 13 years old, ya know. Sitting next to her was a treat. She was so excited through the whole movie. At one point, she took my hand to feel her heart, which she said was pounding. Such a nerd! I love her.

This Thursday I am doing a little watercolor Christmas card thang for the CTAC. I need to prepare.


Becky G said...

That looks like the same little village I started painting years ago. I only got two pieces, though.

Merry Christmas, Lou.

Jo Castillo said...

Merry Christmas!
As you know I just got my tree up and the little nativity scenes and a tiny tree for the kitchen. That is it. We will have kids out or I wouldn’t have done that much!

It will be fun for you to have folks around. At least I always gripe and grumble and then enjoy the time. We have to go grocery shopping tonight or very early tomorrow, not looking forward to that.

Kids and dogs arrive Saturday.

Jennie and Brandon went to see Star Wars, too. Larry went in San Marcos, don’t know why they didn’t get together to go. They liked it, Jennie slept a while….ha.

I love the village, nice that you have it. Looking forward to the wc Christmas card.

Have a great Christmas, thinking of you….

Bag Blog said...

Someway I managed to find lots of little buildings to paint. They were fun. Merry Christmas to you too.

Bag Blog said...

Turns out no one came for Christmas. We went to see Toby's mom and on to see my brothers. Shay and Lindz came over on Christmas Eve. That was fun

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