Tuesday, January 02, 2018


Christmas was not as planned, but it turned out well. Toby’s mom was not feeling well, and we decided not to get her out and in the cold weather. Instead, Toby and I went by to see the grandkids early Christmas morning before heading to Burk where we met his sister to have lunch with his mom and spend some time with her. Then Toby and I went to my little brother’s house where my older brother and his wife were gathered. We cooked steak on the grill. We played some pickle ball outside, which was like tennis/ping-pong in the driveway, and we played some inside games too. It was quite nice.  I did miss Jesse and her smiling face.  She was in CO with cousins having lots of fun.

New Year’s was not exciting, but that is not unusual. Toby and I stayed up to watch a movie, "King Arthur", with our dog family.  We made it til 11 PM before saying Happy New Year to each other and going to bed.

It was the weather that made things interesting, or not. It was extremely cold with temps in the low teens. The wind was blowing hard from the north making it feel even colder. We kept the fire burning and did lots of sitting in our recliners with dogs and blankets piled on us. It was really nice. When we did get bored, we did some art. Yep, Toby did art with me. I made two little village candle holders. Toby tried making a butter dish from a pattern given to him by our friend and potter, Frank. I made a butter dish too, but I made it from making a box and cutting into it. My box turned out nice, but after it was all done, I realized that I had made the lid on the wrong part of the box. So now it is just a nice box and not necessarily a butter dish. It was fun.

As for New Year resolutions, Jesse and I discussed the usual resolutions - do better physically and spiritually, but also to be more organized – to be more productive. This is not just in art, but in all sorts of things that need to be done in our life. Earlier this week I started a new diet. I hope to stay with it. I could go into a rant here about diets and weight and eating right, but it has all been said and done. I just keep at it. What else can I do? 

With all this staying home, we ran out of data last night meaning our phones have slowed down. It is only for a day or so. It’s not really a problem. Maybe it is a good way to start the New Year – less time on the Internet!

I had so much time on my hands with all this cold weather, I decided to put my Christmas decorations up. Yay! I gotter done before February.

I'd like to post pictures with this post, but the internet is just too slow at this point. I will add them later. Sorry.


Jo Castillo said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Sounds like a pretty good time to me. Love that you did art! I haven’t taken the tree down. Jennie helped last year, but she went home earlier than usual. Just Gene and me now and too cold to go anywhere. We didn’t travel after all. Our friend didn’t go to New Mexico. I’m very pleased not to be out in this anywhere.

Good to hear from you. Hope 2018 treats you well!

Etienne said...
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