Monday, January 15, 2018

Sick Week

Last Wednesday I went to Wal-Mart, which was a total mess. What I thought would be a quick get in and get your groceries, turned in to a hassle. All the quick lines were closed down and being replaced. Every other checker was up and working, but all were backed up five to seven shoppers deep. I had not been feeling great when I went, but by the time I got home I knew I was sick. I got in my comfy clothes and curled up in my recliner. And there I have been for what seems like forever.

My sister came to see me on Thursday. She sat on the couch and I sat in my recliner. We had dogs and blankets piled on us and we just chatted. It was a good visit, but not very exciting. She left on Friday. I continued to sit in my recliner.

Saturday afternoon, I dragged my self up and got dressed to go to my art show. I was feeling better, but not great. I had been fever free for about 24 hours, so I thought I was safe to go. It was a good party and I did fine, except I got really tired. It was back to my recliner for some more rest on Sunday.  Jesse came in for the show, since she had some art work in it. It was fun to have her and Lindz around - The dynamic duo - life of the party.

Jesse stayed around all day Sunday, since she had MLK Day off.  Sunday evening, we were sitting down to watch a movie, when Toby got a call that his mom had fallen. She is okay, but at the time, she had a cut on her head and was bleeding lots. They took her to the emergency room in WF.  Toby headed over to be with her. Jesse and I watched our movie.  Toby did not get home until midnight. His mom did not have any broken bones this time, but did have the gash and black-eye and sore body.  She is so very tiny and frail. It was a bit scary for us all.

GBN1 attended a youth banquet on Friday night. Here she is all dressed up. I was sorry that I did not get to babysit the boys and see her before she left for the banquet. She is beautiful, but then I am partial.


Jo Castillo said...

Sorry you have been ill. Takes it out of you. Yuck.

What a scare from Toby’s mom. Such a helpless feeling to not be able to help.

And wow! I saw the photo of your granddaughter on Instagram. Joanna asked who it was and I said I wasn’t sure. She’s supposed to be 5 years old!! Yikes. So beautiful….. sigh.

Etienne said...
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