Tuesday, September 18, 2018

On Sunday morning it was fairly cool with no wind. Toby talked me into taking a little bike ride. We rode about 7 miles, which is really not bad. The problem is I am a fair weather rider.  If it is too hot, I don't do it.  In the summer time the only cool time is earlier in the mornings, but if I have to choose what I want to do in that time, well... It goes something like this: Do I want to ride this morning or throw pots? You guessed it. All summer I have chosen to throw pots out in the barn rather than riding. Since yesterday was the first time I have been on my bike in months, I was rather sore yesterday.  Mostly, it was my shoulders and of course, my bottom.  Then there was the catch in my get-a-long.

On Monday as Toby was leaving the house, he thought the water pressure was down a bit. He told me to go check the meter.  As I was leaving the house, I decided that the water pressure was fine and went on my merry way.  When I got home from town around 3 PM, I discovered that the water pressure was really down. Dang. So I went and checked the meter. Sure enough there was a leak somewhere. I turned the water off at the meter. Then I went in search of the leak. I found it easily enough. Big puddle out by the barn.

So, at 4 PM I texted Toby with the bad news. He did not hurry home. He arrived around 6. I fed him. Then we went to fix the leak. First we had to get the tractor out to brush-hog the tall grass in the pasture. Then we had to dig. It was not too bad. We had a bit of an argument on how to fix the leak once we found it. Since I am the gopher (running back and forth to the barn for whatever is needed) while Toby stays in the mudhole, I knew we only had one 2" collar. Toby insisted that we needed two. He tried to explain to me; I tried to explain to him. Then I got the, "You are not listening to me!" So I called my neighbor to see if they had an extra collar handy. They did. I drove down to get it around 8 PM. We eventually got the leak fixed around and got back to the house at 9.

I was one tired puppy. And I am sore in new places. And, just for the record. We only needed one collar. Today I will return the borrowed one. Yes!


Etienne said...

You have to investigate this issue further. Have your husband tell you why he thought he needed two, and then explain the thought process he went through to arrive at that.

Only then can you see the image in his brain.

You might even paint the image in watercolor for him to view next time.


Etienne said...

Oh, PS: turn the water off at the meter before you go on your trip!

Anonymous said...

Per your previous blog entry, I may read the book you mentioned. However, I am a little behind. When my son was in the hospital for ten days last month, I downloaded "Red Sky at Morning" because you had mentioned it in a previous blog entry. I still have not read it. I thought I should read it before I watch the movie. I am eager to see the depiction of New Mexico.

There were so many Italian brides...In at least one case, American nurses were asked to get off the ship home so that the brides could get on. My father did not pick one up, though. He got a San Antonio Rose.


Anonymous said...

I mean not your previous blog entry, but the comment on it. BTW it seems you are always fixing pipe leaks!


Bag Blog said...

After 40 years of marriage, I can almost see how his mind works. I am not so sure he can see my mind :)

FF, Both books are fun, but not too serious. And yes we do seem to fix pipes often, sigh. It was a mistake taking someone's advice on the pipes to use when we put the plumbing in. Do you remember what I wrote your email on?

Anonymous said...

It was on the postcard-like card for the paint out.


Jo Castillo said...

You and Toby work together somewhat like Gene and I. As we get older, though, “he” gets more testy! I give up now unless he actually asks me something.