Monday, May 16, 2005

Flawed Story

Normally I would not write anything controversial in my blog just because I want to avoid the fight. My brothers would probably roll their eyes knowing that all my life I have loved a good fight, but we do mellow as we get older, and some of us even change. Today, though, I am ready for a good fight. All last week I ranted and raved about riots against Americans and killings in the Middle East area due to a report in Newsweek that said interrogators at Guantanomo had flushed a Quran down the toilet. I wondered if the story were even true knowing that the media tends to exaggerate or outright lie about such things. The real question I had was how could they even report something like that knowing the sparks it would cause. It is such an anti-American report that I was horrified that an American would even publish it. At a time when the liberal media pushes political correctness down our throats and reports negatively on anything that could be considered "hate speech", why would they publish something that is definitely hate speech. This report caused people to die and Americans to be attacked! Isn't that treason? Doesn't the media have any responsibility? Even if the story were true, why would you report such a thing?

This morning we find out that the story was indeed false, and Newsweek "apoligized". Apoligized! People died and others could still die and hate has been stirred against America and our troops! Someone needs to pay - big time.

In the past, the Media has attacked people (usually conservatives) for a simple mis-spoken word. People have lost their jobs or their popularity because of something they have said that the Media deemed politically incorrect. Legistlators have considered passing laws against "hate speech". So what should happen to Newsweek and the reporter who stirred up so much hate that people died and will continue to die? I hope something serious happens to these irresponsible reporters.

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