Thursday, June 16, 2005

Empty Nest

My daughter is off on a road trip with her best friend in Colorado. Their plan is to visit family, friends, and have a grand adventure. A few years ago they went to CO for one very fun day. They are hoping to have the same fun multiplied by 7 more days. I am sure they will have a great time. The two of them can have fun just laying across the bed talking. There is always lots of laughter where ever they are.

With Jess gone, I have to do things by myself around here. Yesterday, I cleaned house before going over to the new house. I am really ready to have just one house. After doing all I could do at the new house, which was mostly texturing the walls, I came home to mow the lawn. Mowing is not my favorite pastime. Usually, I try to let Jesse do the mowing. Mowing is right up there with plowing - boring! Going round and round is not so bad, but the dust, grass, and bugs just about does me in. This place has all sorts of obstacles to avoid - trees that try to scrape you off the mower, rose bushes that grab you as you mow by, and all sorts of out buildings. I managed to avoid these things, but did get a little scraped up going under the trees. Only two spiders dropped on me, and that was enough to make me wish Jesse were her to take over. I've told my husband that I will do most any work around here, but I don't like spiders and snakes. This morning I will try to finish up my mowing although I mowed from 3:30 until 9:00 last night. There still needs to be a lot of weed-eating done too. The new house will have a very small yard. It will keep out the horses and keep in the grandchild, but require very little maintenance.

Toby had some help last night at the new house. Things are moving along well. This empty nest thing is pretty fun for the most part. We are having lunch together again today - just like newly weds. Although I enjoy time alone with my husband, I do miss Jess, and it is not just her ability to work. She just makes the work more fun.


inpassing said...

Hope Jesse and friend have a great trip. And you are right..where they are, laughter is sure to quickly follow! I'm with you on the spider and snake thing. The only good ones are dead ones. Enjoy the honeymoon because the nest will be filling up soon and they always bring back more little birdies than they left with. LOL

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