Friday, June 17, 2005

Trials and Tribulation

Today I visted with a friend whose wife died of cancer a little over a year ago. We talked about Lynda's death and life. We also talked about the death of a young man who was killed in a stupid "boys will be boys" accident a year ago. His parents are still struggleing with his death. In the last few months, I have lost a good friend and a cousin to cancer. My father is hanging in there in his fight against cancer, but he is very frail and tired. If you read Major K's blog, you will know how upset he is at the loss of one of his men who did not die in battle in Iraq, but was murdered while home on leave. There seems to be lots of death and dieing. I don't understand the why's, but I do know there is a God and He is in control. I have to believe that.

In the book of Job in the Bible, Satan comes before God and asks to test Job, God's faithful servant. God allows Job to be tested. Job loses everything including all of his family, but he never curses God. He comes through the test even more righteous than before, and all is restored to him seven fold. This story tells me two things: First, God does allow us to go through trials and tribulation - He is in control. Second, He does this so that we may grow closer to Him, become stronger in our faith, and be purified (become righteous). I cannot explain why some people are tested more than others or some people's test seem more harsh. Only God knows those answers, but tested we are. Some people do not make it through the tests. They become angry with God and turn their back on Him. Some people do make through the test.

In my conversation with my friend, mentioned earlier, he told me of a preacher he had met when our young friend died so senselessly. The preacher told that his wife had died of cancer. Then several years later his mother and daughters were killed in an auto accident when a trash truck struck their vehicle. ( I remembered this accident because my husband worked for the trash company at the time of the accident). For a while the man was angry, useless, and out of control. Then one day he woke up and changed. He became a preacher with a ministry for helping others who have lost someone dear. This preacher has been a comfort to my friend and others. Who would have thought that something so special could come from such tragedy? God knew. He had a plan. We all have trials and tribulations, but how we come out on those tests is up to us. How we react to those deaths around us is a test. I pray that we pass the test.

A young boy from our church is in the hospital tonight with internal injuries from an accident. I pray for him and his parents that no matter the outcome, they will grow closer to God.

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inpassing said...

Isn't it amazing that in the account of Job that he and his wife suffered many of the same losses, yet they chose two distinctively different responses. He praised God, but she cursed Him. It's recorded that she spoke as a "foolish woman", one who hears the Word but doesn't do it. Thanks for the reminder!!