Wednesday, October 26, 2005


This weekend is the annual church camp in the Wichita Mountains. Every year our church families pack up and go camping together. The camp has a huge log building that is completely open downstairs and has a large kitchen area for serving food. The upstairs has dorm rooms. There are several surrounding cabins for families or groups. Many people will just set up their tents around the lodge. This main lodge is set in the middle of a several acres where we play soccer, baseball, football, basketball, and volleyball. Kids ride their bikes and families use the hiking trails around the camp. There are even some golf greens set up for a small round of golf. Usually the younger crowd does some more serious hiking and climbing in the nearby mountains. Breakfast will be made and served every morning. There will be a fish fry Friday night, a Mexican dinner pooled together by families on Saturday night, and a roast beef lunch after church on Sunday. It is a great time for the church people to just enjoy each other and their families.

In the past camp has been a time for relaxation and intimate conversations between friends. I love the conversations, but I really love the sports even more. Last year the adults had some serious games of volleyball, but nothing beats a game of baseball in the cool fall weather. One year I made myself sick playing soccer. I just played too hard for too long, and I was worn out by the end of the day. At the end of the day, everyone congregates in the large room to play games – mostly board games or card games. One year I organized a Sequence tournament. Some years, impromptu music has been made. This year there will be some organized music – a time of singing and such on Saturday after the Mexican dinner.

The last few years, Jesse and her friends have made T-shirts for camp. Now everyone wants a shirt. She also makes a sign to hang on the girl’s tent. The first year the sign just said, "no boys". Then through the years it usually has some silly thing that only a few really understand. This year it says, "Snap". It is fun just watching the young people have fun.

I can’t begin to explain the excitement building this week with everyone getting ready for camp. Today Jesse will do lots of baking for goodies to share with other campers. I think the word "share" is a key word here. This is a fellowship that just enjoys sharing and being together. After all, we are instructed to love the brethren and that means spending time with them.

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