Thursday, October 27, 2005

Little things

While visiting my mom and dad yesterday, one of my little brother's old buddies showed up at the house. He is a Texas State Highway Patrolman. When I opened the front door and saw him standing there, I thought, "Now why would a patrolman be here?" Then I saw the little boy in him. It was the little boy that used to hang out at our house along with Pete's other buds. We called him Jay Bird. It was such an odd thing to see this big Trooper, and yet still see him as a little boy, but it was there in his smile and in his eyes. It took me back to the days of wrestling Pete and his friends, pinning them down just to show them not to mess with me. Sometimes I would let them ride in the back of my pick-up and throw rocks at street signs (why not?). There was always a herd of those boys around. Maybe that is why Jesse and I love a houseful of boys. Jay Bird told me how my family, especially my dad, had played a big part in his life. Dad talked him into staying in school when he wanted to drop out. Jay said that running with Pete and his friends kept him out of serious trouble. He thanked us. He hugged me and my dad before he left. Little Jay Bird is all grown up - what a nice thing.

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