Tuesday, January 24, 2006


As I was leaving WF yesterday, I realized it was coffee-drinking time for the OFGs. I told Jesse that we would twirl into Ronnie’s Café and only stay a few minutes, but I really wanted to check in with the Dad’s buddies. For those of you that do not know what OFGs are – they are the old men who meet to drink coffee every day. This particular group all went to high school with my dad. They were his pallbearers at his funeral and a special group of men. They all seemed genuinely happy to see Jesse and me. It probably helps that Jesse is so pretty, and they remember her as a little girl in RR at the reunions there. Flossie said he was glad that I had dropped in – that the conversation really cleaned up with me there. They quizzed me on how Mom was doing. We talked about all the paperwork involved in Dad’s death, but that Mom was well taken care of. We discussed the fires and drought. Then the conversation turned to the pigeons that roost on the eaves of the café. Joe said that they poop all over the sidewalk at the front door. At this point I told the men that we had to go – now that the conversation had turned to poop. They all got a kick out of that. It was great to see them. I was proud of myself for not tearing up in front of them.

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Capt B said...

Good looking Blog! Stay tuff and thank you from all the Marines out here in Iraq for making a difference for us. Semper Fi, Capt B