Friday, August 17, 2007

Painting of the Week

This is one of Kris' photos that she recently posted on her blog. She has some great photos and has been very generous to let me paint them.

The house painting is going well. I just wish I was younger and in better shape. All this bending, stretching, stepping, painting, etc, is hard on me, but good for me. Jesse did the taping and bedding in the bathroom last night. I'm tellin' ya boys, she's a doozy!

Bo made a trip to Home Depot for the usual building supplies. We were all standing around looking at his purchases. Ooh! Ahh! He was digging through a box to show us the bathroom faucet he had bought. Then he pulled some part out of the box that none of knew what it was. Like Larry, Darryl and Darryl, we all stood there passing it around discussing what it was. Then Bo figured it out and pointed to the box which advertised a free toilet paper holder with purchase. Ooh! Ahh! The part we were holding was one arm of the holder. So Bo dug through the box and found the other parts to the holder. Unfortunately, half of the bar which holds the t-paper was missing. Once again, we all stood there looking at it and discussing how to fix it. Toby said, "Look at the bright side, you can save lots of money by cutting your toilet paper roll in half."


Buck Pennington said...

Once again, Lou, you've really captured the essence of your subject matter (Kris' photo). VERY nice!

I just wish I was younger and in better shape.

Ah...don't we ALL. But you, unlike me, are doing something about it! ;-)

Kris, in New England said...

Lou - thank you AGAIN for the tremendous compliment! I LOVE the rendering of my photo - you captured the essence of the texture and the emotional impact of those cheery sunflowers.


Shelly said...

Love the painting...I need to go to Kris in new englands site to see her photographs..

I hate to paint, we bought a new house this time and I swore that I would never paint a wall again..


Bag Blog said...

Thanks for the kind words of encouragement. Painting pictures is one thing - Painting houses is not my thing. I could be a construction worker, but not a house painter.