Thursday, August 16, 2007

Site Meter Reminder

I love my site meter. Today it reminded me of one of my favorite “Jesse” moments. Since we have been doing some house painting together recently, I was thinking about this post, and had been meaning to find it again. Sure enough someone from Kansas found it for me. Here is the site meter info. If you want to read the post, it is pretty funny. I hope the person searching found what he was looking for.

Referring URL from madras&spell=1
Search Engine
Search Words there once was a lass from madras
Visit Entry Page http://bagwag.blogsp...recious-moments.html
Visit Exit Page http://bagwag.blogsp...recious-moments.html


Jo Castillo said...

Well, that made me laugh. And think of my moments with the kids. :)


Buck Pennington said...

I'll add my "me too." (for both site meter AND your post!) The part that really made me laugh was...

"Now when you homeschool your kids as I did, you have no one else to blame for what they bring home from school."

True, that! ;-)