Monday, May 26, 2008

The Eye of the Beholder

Memorial Day:
Like many Americans, we spent our Memorial Day shopping. That does not mean that I did not stop to remember the fallen heroes and those that have served their country. I had sent several Memorial Day related emails to relatives letting them know they were in my thoughts. I always think about Uncle Bob. I picture him standing at the Vietnam Memorial Wall touching certain names with tears in his eyes. As you know, Uncle Bob is just pretty special to me. I think about my cousin Jim who was so torn up when Maj Megan McClung was killed in Iraq – she was the fiancĂ©e to one of Jim’s good friends and fellow Marine. I got the following email from Jim today. He sent this email to me, his dad, who served in Vietnam, and Uncle Bob. I thought his way of spending Memorial Day was pretty nice and wanted to share this with you:

To Uncle Bob and my old man – well, thanks gentlemen. I spent about two hours yesterday on the National Mall by myself just walking through WWII, Korea and Vietnam memorials. Then I walked to Arlington and visited my fallen comrades. I thought often of your sacrifices and those of the many who’ve served our great nation in uniform. Thank you both for serving so faithfully.
Garry Owen and Semper Fidelis.

Last Night:
We kept the Grand Girls last night. It was wild with two girls, two kittens and three dogs. GBN1 was so excited about the kittens she could barely stand still. She wanted to hold both cats at the same time, but the cats were not cooperative. Harriet the cat was great and let GBN1wag her around. Count Rugen the six-toed cat was not so great. Being an ADHD cat, he was not willing to sit quietly in GBN1’s arms. GBN2 has never been around cats. She can make the same "meow" sound as the kittens, but she was more interested in the dogs. Here is GBN1 looking very serious - she did have both cats, but Rugen got away before I could snap the pic.

GBN1 drew these two pictures during church. The one on the left is of me, and the two "people" on the right are Jesse and Crewcraw (Toby). She drew lots of other people including her mom and dad, but they pretty much look like the picture on the right. My picture was the only one with purple on the face and arms. When I asked her why she colored me purple, she said, "Because you are beautiful, Booboo."

Aren’t grandbabies just the greatest!


The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

I had the rare opportunity to watch the budding young artist in action. She whipped those out like she was on a mission, very intent...very serious art.

Catherine said...

And she's right; you are beautiful! Leave it to little ones to speak the absolute truth! :)

Junk Diva said...

You are beautiful Boo Boo, and maybe chocking on a cough drop!!!!

Course of Perfection said...

Kitten & GBN1...a beautiful combination.

You get to be purple? It is a wonderful color.

Buck said...

I can't add to what's already been said except for the usual, customary, and reasonable "me, too!"

No pop-up comments yet, I see. Did my e-mail get through the Hughes spam filters, Lou?

Bag Blog said...

Buck, your email came through; I just have not had time to try the pop up comments. I kind of like them because you can go back to the posts without clicking the return arrows.

Bag Blog said...

Thanks for the kind words. I'm pretty much mush when it comes to the Grand Girls.