Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Life happens on the weekends. There are people who use the weekends to clean house and get ready for the next week, but not us. We use weekends for time together, which means by Monday, the house is looking not so clean and there is much to be done around here. Laundry is piled up. There are dishes in the sink. The floor is nasty. The couch is piled with stuff, as is the kitchen table. Of course, we do occasionally work around here on weekends. Things like fence mending, gardening, building the storeroom, etc, do happen, but for the most part, those chores are considered spending time together. The house still falls apart on weekends while we are doing those chores. I’m not complaining. I’m just saying that after a long weekend, I have lots to do. My blogging goes by the wayside too. I may get things posted and a few comments here and there, but I feel so behind on my blog reading after the weekend.
Today, I feel really slow. To make matters worse, it rained hard this morning with lots of thunder and lightening. The sky is dark, and it makes me want to go back to bed. Maybe me and the dogs will have a little nap later, but I will tell you one more thing about the weekend. I took this photo this morning to show you the amount of rain we got in just a short amount of time.

I mentioned that we did some shopping yesterday. Well, Jesse was already in The City with Lindz and Reagan. We met up with her about lunch (she’s good about showing up in time to eat). She had had her make-up done at some store and was looking quite lovely in a made-up sort of way. It is not unusual to get extra attention when shopping with Jes, anyway. She has been known to bat her eyelashes at store clerks and have them falling all over themselves. We stopped in the mall for her to make a return at some store. The male clerk, who had been just going through the routine, brightened and was very helpful after seeing Jesse try on a cute little dress. It was kind of funny, because I assumed the guy was gay (working in a women’s clothing store), and he may have been, but he was impressed with Jes. Then we stopped by a motorcycle shop to let Jesse shop for a new helmet. The owner of the store was more our age, but he seemed to have a great time helping Jes try on helmets and try out the fancy motorcycles. He took good care of her and gave her some good advice on helmets and such. He was not flirty or anything, but he did seem to be enjoying himself. She ended up buying Shoei helmet and extra visor. The owner also gave her a Ducati T-shirt. She always makes shopping interesting.

Years ago, I was shopping with a friend who was wearing a fox fur coat. She also had on a huge diamond ring. It was amazing the difference those things made in the attention we received from clerks. We are talking some major suck-up. Having Jesse around is just almost as good.

Speaking of shopping experiences:
When we first moved back to OK, I went with Toby over to Sulphur to the feed store. It was summer time and I was wearing shorts, a t-shirt and sandals – typical Okie attire. My hair was probably clipped up on my head due to the heat. I had never been to this feed store, but it turned out to have a great selection of women’s western wear. I was looking through some really nice clothing when I realized the dresses were Double D Ranchwear – very expensive stuff! I was really excited and started trying on some things. Then a store clerk came up and said, "We have a five dollar sale rack; you might want to try looking over there." I was really hurt. I put back the clothes I was trying on, and went to stand by Toby who had just spent a big amount of money on ranch supplies. When he asked me if I had found anything that I wanted, I just said no. What kind of sales person would direct you to the 5$ rack when you were looking at clothes that cost $200? She must have been one of the owners or a relative – why else would they put up with someone that rude? I guess I should have worn my mink.


Buck said...

What kind of sales person would direct you to the 5$ rack when you were looking at clothes that cost $200? She must have been one of the owners or a relative – why else would they put up with someone that rude?

Un-bee-leeb-a-ble! That clerk had NO business being in retail, period. Relative or no.

I sure envy you your rain, Lou.

Bag Blog said...

How simple was that pop-up comment window!

The rain has been nice. The humidity, well, I miss the desert.

Inquiries said...

You are doing the pop up comment window too! I guess I must.lol. I always get the rude sales women. I get all their tacky comments.

Junk Diva said...

Shopping with pretty young ladies is different, I take advantage of it at every oppurtunity.

There is no excuse for rude sales people, I know a lot of people with money that dress like that in Ok. Heck everywhere. Have you looked at Mary-Kate Olsen latley. LOL

Science Geek said...

Since I don't have $200 to spend on clothes, I would be thankful for being directed to the $5 rack. :p

Bag Blog said...

Science Geek, It is one thing to choose to shop the $5 rack and another to be directed there.

Evil Lunch Lady said...

That rude clerk reminded me of a trip to sears. We were buying carpet and I went to look at the computers. No sales guy would give me the time of day, but he was all over the older people there. I knew more then the sales guys about their computers. I left in a huff. The carpet guy wanted to know why I came back pissed, so I told him. Hubby says "Well they just lost a major sale, she needs a new comp." Of course now I wouldn't buy a comp. at sears, but back then I may have. Circuit City made a sale that day:)

Fire Fox said...

I'm with you Lou, don't direct me to the sales rack... that's just bad business. If I happen to remark on how high the prices are... well then it might be okay to steer me that way.

I have dust bunnies in the corners, and beach sand is a constant problem... I'd rather be fishing!

Bag Blog said...

Fire Fox, I'm with you - life is to be lived.