Friday, July 25, 2008


Toby took today off. It is nice to have him home – I think. He is outside working on the storeroom – making me feel guilty for being on the computer. No, he didn’t say anything (well he did sort of, but then he said he was just teasing – yeah right). I just feel guilty. I will try and get something posted, but I feel pressured to hurry and get to work. I really wanted a day to just chill and do my thang, but I know I will be doing Toby’s thang instead. He is always a fun date, but having him home right now is making me a bit crazed.

Jesse took a half-day off yesterday and went to the lake with friends. If you have a boat, plane, motorcycle, etc, then you are her friend. She was worn out last night from too much sun and fun, and then had to drag herself off to work this morning. She just called to see if we were coming to town today…Could we bring her…Sure, I’ll get right on that.

Tomorrow, Toby is riding in the Duncan Dehydrator bicycle race. He has been riding his bike quite a bit getting ready for the big ride. Jesse and I want to see him off, but we have tickets to see Seven Brides for Seven Brothers in OK City. We will take pictures and cheer him on before he takes off, but then we are off on our own adventure. I wouldn’t mind staying to see him finish the race, but I bought these tickets months ago.

I sound a bit wishy-washy today. I think I need a day off.


Inquiries said...

Dad is home today so that means chores chores chores.

Buck said...

I think I need a day off.

Ah. We ALL need a day off from time to time, right? But... tomorrow's the weekend, for what that's worth.

As for me... I just need a post topic. It's pretty dry around these parts, blog-wise.

Jo Castillo said...

Hope Toby has great weather for the ride. Good luck there.

Hope you two enjoy the play. Sounds like a good entertaining one.

Becky said...

Good luck to Toby, and enjoy the play.

Course of Perfection said...

So, if Toby gets completely dehydrated, he wins?

See you tomorrow!

Bless yore beautiful hide
wherever you may be.
We ain't met yet,
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You're the gal for me!