Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rainy Days and Tuesdays

It rained all day yesterday and all night and the weatherman said it would rain again today. I don’t mind. It fills the pond and waters the hay. It keeps me from having to ride that dang bicycle. I seem to get more done around the house on rainy days. Yesterday while ironing clothes, I watched "Cold Mountain" on the USA channel although I was hoping for some more Olympics. At the end of the movie, I was disgusted with myself for watching. I had been fairly enthralled with the movie, but then it ended badly. I really hate that. I don’t normally watch TV during the day (and rarely at night). Now I remember why.

I did watch the local news and weather this morning. It seems that Gov. Perry has endorsed the Harrold ISD’s decision to let teachers carry a concealed weapon. You go, Gov Goodhair! Once again, it was pointed out that Harrold sits right on Hwy 287 and is not close to any law enforcement agencies. I guess Vernon or Electra would be closest. Did I ever mention that I was a waitress at a truckstop on Hwy 287 back when I was a senior in high school? I worked from 3PM to midnight. What were my parents thinking? The sheriff’s deputies would drive by and check on me from time to time. It was a real learning experience.

Last night Toby and I watched the Olympics and read our books. It was a quiet evening with the girl starting a new class in Lawton. You know I love the beach volleyball, it was a great game last night against Brazil. The Americans are going for gold now – yeha. Then the women’s trampoline event came on. I didn’t even know there was such a thing. I was wowed! Me being a scaredy cat on a trampoline, this event blew my mind. Those girls were bouncing so high, and then they started flipping and twisting. It was amazing!

Today, I’m headed to town for appointments, Wal-Mart, and lunch with Jes. Maybe I will drop by and check on the GGs.


Buck said...

It rained all day yesterday and all night and the weatherman said it would rain again today. I don’t mind.

No rain here last night, but we still have significant puddles laying around and everything is GREEN... both items being quite unusual for this part of the world, as you know.

re: the Olympics' trampoline event. I missed that particular event, but I remain impressed with the sheer athleticism, grace, and beauty on display this week in Beijing. I can't remember the last time the Olympics captured my imagination and attention like this; I seriously doubt I watched 20 minutes... total... of the coverage from Athens. But this year? I'm mesmerized.

Knit and fall back in it said...

Trampoline? I'm sorry I missed that.

Inquiries said...

I love the rain!

Yesterday while I was waiting for my exercise class to start two women were talking about the Olympics. One said to the other " I wonder how many medals Africa has?" The other said " I don't know but, I don't think it is fair that the states in Africa get to compete and everyone else goes by country."
I considered for a moment if I should point out that Africa is a continent and and the "states" are indeed countries. I just laughed and minded my own business.

Bag Blog said...

Good girl, Ashley! They probably would not have believed you anyways.

Buck, Rain in the desert is always amazing, and quite beautiful too.

A few years back when the kids were younger, I remember watching the winter Olympics with them. Maybe it was their awe, but I remember it being lots of fun that year.

Becky said...

Ashley, I would have laughed out loud at them!

I'm also impressed by the trampoline, though I didn't get to see it last night. I watched the semi-finals though.

I saw Cold Mountain years ago and was shocked at how graphic the love scene was. The movie itself wasn't worth seeing that. Hopefully, they cut it for TV broadcast.

Bag Blog said...

Becky, They must have cut the love scene - it was not graphic at all. I loved the relationship and the strength of the women in the movie, but I hated the ending and the darkness of the whole show.

GUYK said...

WOW rain in August in Stephens county? Look out...it may be a early winter

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Props to just one more official in TX getting it right!

The Queen and i were watching (and reading) last night and before they signed off i saw they were gonna run Olympic BMX coverage tonight...what? Since when is bicycle motocross an Olympic sport? Oh must've been the same logic as allowing trampoline and ballroom dancing...of course, i'm sure some would argue the point of volleyball...but it sure is fun to watch. btw...where is Olympic golf?

Ash: i don't know that i could've held back...i would've said something like, "Well...i suppose with that logic Europe should just be consolidated and throw Russia and China together too, then the good old US would see the medal count go into the...toilet.

guyk: i was sittin on the back porch last night and wanted somethin to start a fahr in, i just needed to smell some woodsmoke what with all the mist in the trees and temps in the 60's.

Becky said...

It's good then that they did. It was very, very graphic. I liked the movie, too, but hated the ending, just like you.