Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Upcoming Events

This weekend Wichita Falls will host the Hotter’n Hell Hundred Bicycle race/ride. After Toby rode in the Duncan Dehydrator, Jesse and I decided to join Toby in the HHH. We are only doing the 25 miles, so we should do fine. We have been training by riding our bikes a couple of times a week – which is all my bottom can stand. I’ve been told that riding in WF is much easier than riding around our home in OK, because WF is much flatter. Although I have mentioned riding my bike with Toby, I have not really said much about the HHH ride for two reasons. One: there is the thought that if I cannon make it the entire 25 miles and the "sad mobile" has to pick me up, very few of my friends will know. Two: In the past I have had people look at my physique and then act doubtful or even verbally express their doubt in my abilities. I have always been athletic and amazingly strong. Even when I prove to be physically capable of some athletic feat, people will act amazed as if "gee, for a fat girl you don’t sweat much." I really hate that "look of disbelief" on someone’s face when they see me doing something athletic. I really dislike naysayers. So, I have been fairly quiet on the HH bike ride, but I wanted you to know that I am riding this weekend. There, I said it!

There is a family in our church that runs a camp for deaf children over in Sulphur, OK. Last year while I was in Canada, the family offered a sign language course. I missed the first month and did not start the classes, but I was so jealous that many of my friends were learning to sign. My daughter-in-law has been signing for years and worked at the camp back when she was single. My DIL has taught my GGs to sign. Even GBN2 knows about 20 signs. Yesterday while I was over visiting the GGs, GBN2 climbed up on the table to smell a flower arrangement. Then she began moving her hand under her little nose to sign "flower." Very impressive! This is something I want to be able to do also. The class starts tonight, and I will be there.

Toby is taking some vacation time between September 6th and the 14th. After much looking online and talking, we still do not have a clear picture of where we will go. I think we will head east and see where the road takes us. We are hoping to stop and see my old friend Dale in Arkansas. Who knows where else we will go? This is Toby’s idea of fun. I would like to have a little more detail – not because I am a detailed person, but because I don’t want to miss anything fun. Toby wants to check out the scenery and funky places, but I want to know where some of them are and maybe stumble on a few by chance. I will just go with the flow. He is always a fun date. Yet, I’m a little anxious.

Although I am a bit worried about the vacation, one of the reasons that I think I should just flow and go is that I will get to do my own thang the next week. I have signed up for a watercolor workshop September 16, 17 & 18 in Burleson, TX. The workshop is being put on by the Society of Watercolor Artists in Ft Worth. Janet Rogers will be the teacher. I am really excited about the workshop since she teaches watercolor portrait painting. It has been a while since I have taken a workshop, and I am hoping for inspiration. I will be on my own – not knowing anyone. Since I like making new friends, this should not be a problem. I will try not to be too much of a goof. But hey, who cares? I just want to learn and have some fun. If the Ft Worth artists are as anal as the Duncan Art Guild, well, they will just have to put up with me for a few days.

Later in November is the Duncan Art Guild Miniature Art Show (all artists can email me for a prospectus on the show). I have a large job in putting this on and it is taking up lots of my time right now. Also the same weekend as the show, Lindz is getting married. I am in charge of the food at the reception – busy weekend!

See, I am not just sitting around eating bonbons and playing on the computer.

I found this photo on Jesse's Facebook and I thought I would share it. Okay, now you know that I really do sit around playing on the computer.


Buck said...

See, I am not just sitting around eating bonbons and playing on the computer.

Well, Dang. There go all my illusions. And here I thought I'd found a kindred spirit. ;-)

You ARE quite the busy girl, eh? I hear ya about perceptions on the part of other people... that's always been a hot button with me. But, further on the HHH... I'd be looking at that with dread, were it me. The workshop, OTOH, sounds more like my speed... speaking from a physical exertion POV. But you have my admiration, Lou. I hope admiration doesn't devolve into sympathy. ;-)

Bag Blog said...

Buck, "devolve" - such a great word. Of course I knew what it meant, but just to see the denotation vs. the connotation, I looked it up: To degenerate or deteriorate gradually...Gosh, I hope that does not happen, too!

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

i, for one, DON'T think you'll do the entire 25 miles, i don't think you can... (can you tell...reverse psychology works on my kids).

So...there's gonna be bonbons at the reception? Are you taking any with you this weekend?

Becky said...

Lou, good luck on the bike ride. I admire you just for entering. I KNOW I couldn't ride 25 miles, and I also know size has nothing to do with it.

If you and Toby end up making it as far as Memphis, be sure and give me a holler!

My mother used to sign fluently. I picked up a few signs just from watching her, but I never knew the whole language. I think it'd be cool to learn, though.

Knit and fall back in it said...

Speaking for the International Sisterhood of Fat-bottomed Girls - Godspeed, my friend.

Bag Blog said...

Amy, my friend, Dawn, calls it "blogger butt."

Becky, we just might make it that far and I will certainly look you up if we do.

Piper, I hate reverse psych - but it does spur me on - sort of.

Dale said...

Looking forward to seeing you guys and meeting Toby! If you guys are around on a Friday night you might be able to watch me referee some high school football.

Jo Castillo said...

Hi, sorry I haven't been around. I have enjoyed catching up. Lots of smiles on your blogs. :) Hope the 25 miles went by easily.

Enjoy the vacation. Hugs.