Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I love fall. The temps here in OK have gone from upper 90’s to upper 70’s. Mornings are downright cool. I feel like I might make it. My dogs have been frisky. Zoe, the Great Dane, is almost scary with her hopping and running around like a (huge) puppy. Ranger, the Rat Terrier, was wild at the park yesterday – running as fast as he could, playing fetch with a stick, taking a swim in the pond, etc - all pretty amazing for a 25 lb. Rat Terrier. The fall air just makes us all feel better. It certainly gave me new energy. Last night, I made Kris’ sausage and tortelline soup with a few differences due to what I had in my pantry. Toby loved it! Then from the pears that I picked at my friend, JoAnn’s place, I made a pear pie. Toby helped me peel the pears, which is the part I dislike. The pie was delicious. I love fall.

Another interesting tidbit: I bought a new rug for the bathroom. It is a bit larger than the old rug, so I had to set the bathroom scales up on the rug. It now weighs me about seven pounds lighter. Dang! If I had known how easy it was to lose weight, I would have bought a new rug years ago.


Buck said...

Dang... that pie looks GOOD!

re: the new rug/weight loss. That IS cool. Congrats! :D

Mike said...

Yup, definitely got cheated out of fall. Highs in the 90s when I left WF, now in Anchorage where highs are in the 40s (for maybe another week) and it's already starting to drop flurries at night.

Catherine MacDermott said...

I agree Buck...that pie looks mighty good! I'm drooling all the way from France for a Lou pear pie! And I need one of them fancy rugs that makes me weigh 7 lbs lighter! How many kilos would that be?

Bag Blog said...

Buck, Thanks. Maybe if you weighed on my tile floor, you would be heavier. I wonder what a shag rug would do?

Mike, I feel for you. Wichita Falls can actually be nice in the fall, but not in Sept necessarily. I bet your views are much nice in Anchorage.

Catherine, I will freeze a pear pie just for you, and when you get home, we will bake it. Maybe we will put some ice cream on top and have pie ala mode to remind you of France.

Catherine MacDermott said...

Oh, this sounds FABULOUS! What a lovely thing to do!
Thank you Lou!

Jo Castillo said...

This sounds so yummy. I have just about quit cooking. The soup sounds great for when we get home . . for baseball and golf days. Hmmm.