Saturday, February 20, 2010

House Raising

This is what we did today. A crew of family and friends (about 12 people) came to put the trusses on - something that Jesse, Toby, and I could never have done by ourselves. Mr. Ted was the crew boss. All of the jobs require height were done by the Junk Diva's husband. Seth was pretty good climbing in the rafters - even with cowboy boots. Smilin' Toby. Bo and Jes - together again. It was a great day. I am so thankful for my friends.
Remember to click on the pics to enlarge.


AirmanMom said...

this post is awesome!

Buck said...

MOST excellent! I'll bet all y'all sleep very well tonite.

Bag Blog said...

Airman Mom,
Thanks! We are blessed with good friends.

You would have thought we would have slept like logs, but I had some coffee...and my body hurt...When I did finally hit that sweet spot of sleep, it was deep.

morninglady said...

I am really happy for you guys! What a blessing this truly is.

Bag Blog said...

You know it, Dawn!