Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Another Old Photo

An old friend posted this photo on Facebook with the title, "Girls Who Have Been Wild." I don't think we were really all that wild - who knows what we were really doing in this photo. When I look at this photo, I see good friends having a good time. The girls who worked at Texas Reds often dropped by the Motherlode after work to relax and visit with friends. It was a gathering place. Toby and I often put the kids to bed (they were old enough to be alone) and walked around the corner to the Motherlode to scoot a boot before bedtime. We would not stay long - just breeze around the dance floor - say hi and bye. It was a different way of life then - some of it very good and some not. I do love and miss those "wild girls" who were good friends. I am pretty sure that was not my shot glass.


Buck said...

Appearances can be deceiving, on the one hand. And OTOH there's the "yeahrightsure" response. You KNOW which would apply if I'd post a similar photo of the Old Gang. Heh. ;-)

wv: essis. As in "essiss MY shot glass?"

Staci said...

I have some old pictures just like that, and I can't for the life of me remember any of the "actual" times they were taken. But it sure looked fun! and probably was at the time.

What is a shot glass? (hee hee)


I was doing a little 'surfing' using the Bloglines that recommend sites I might like.

I found yours; looks like we're in the same age category - or at least being a mom to 5; a grandmother to 12, and a great grandmother to 3 (my stats), I might even be older.

In any case, what I noticed in the photograph, as I notice in photographs taken when I was out and about with friends, is the stark difference than the wild photograph of the 21st century.

Today's 'wild' photograph would probably have the girls' hair all spiked; partially shaved - 2 or 3 different colors; tatooed - pierced all over - huge earrings and provocative clothing.

In addition, they'd be taking down the alcohol like I've seen young people do - pouring it into a funnel that's placed in their mouth; using a plastic tube to chug it down even faster. They'd be rolling their eyes at the camera - making exaggerated expressions to see who could look the most 'wild and wicked'.

So I think one tiny little shot glass that might not belong to any of you (if the bartender hadn't cleaned the bar), and a bunch of smiling faces; clean faces - bouncy clean hair, seems just like a gathering of cheerful friends (and I don't call that wild).

Enjoyed the photo......

Bag Blog said...

Buck, I think you win the caption contest.

Staci, I think this photo was taken around 1987, but I sure don't know.

Happy Nevada, Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. We were pretty wholesome looking - even for the 80's.

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said... LOOK like that wasn't your shot glass.

Anonymous said...