Monday, March 15, 2010


We worked like little beavers on our house this past weekend. We put some insulation stuff on the outside and then put in some windows and doors. We still have several windows to go, but it is coming along. Speaking of beavers, those critters finally got our big tree on the far side of the pond - dam beavers.

Friday night we kept the GGs while their parents went to a party. Another young couple dropped off their two boys who are similar ages to the GGs. It was wild times at the Lazy B. One of the best parts of the evening was watching "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers." The kids and Toby were all singing and dancing around the living room during the barn-raising scene. Toby would pick GBN2 up and swing her around, which she thought was great fun. We kept the GGs over night, but the boys went home around 11PM. Saturday morning we had errands to run in Lawton, so we packed up the GGs and went. We had to have breakfast at IHOP. The "create a face" pancakes were a bit hit.

Saturday night I told Toby that Jesse would be spending the night with friends in The City. Being the funny guy that he is, he said, "We will be honeymooners." I said, "Yeah, like the old days." Toby came back with a pun, "Honey, this is the old days."


Buck said...

"Honey, this is the old days."

Yeah... and they're flying right by, ain't they? I notice Toby didn't ssay "The GOOD ol' days..." ;-)

joyce said...

and time flies by having so much fun ! Are your GGs full of questions about the new additon? This is such a great learning experience for them getting to watch how houses are made.

Maybe I can lure Bob to IHOP if I promise he gets to play with his food !

Bag Blog said...

There are good things about the OLD days, but the YOUNG days were great.

We got the GGs some tools of their own so they could "help" with the house. And they are so helpful.

Matt Conlon said...

Love a good pun! I just blogged about some puns a couple days ago myself!

Keep up the good work. :)

Jo Castillo said...

"Honey, this is the old days." Ain't that the truth, more so for us, though. Ha.

Bag Blog said...

Jo, You may be a little a head of me, but you and Gene are great examples to follow.

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

OK...cease and desist with the dam jokes, i can have entirely too much fun with those!