Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Forward

Our neighbors asked me to feed their dogs on Saturday while they were gone to camp. I left sticky notes all over the house to remind myself to feed the dogs today. This evening I came in the house thinking that I had better write myself a note about the time change tonight. Oh my gosh; I forgot to feed the dogs! Toby and I had to hurry down to the neighbor’s and feed animals in the dark – all went well. When we got home, I moved the "feed the dogs" sticky notes back to where I would see them. Then I told Toby that I was leaving up the "feed the dogs" notes so that they would remind me to change the time tonight.

While setting here typing this post, Toby was getting ready for bed. Then he said, "Don't forget that it is actually ten o'clock." Heck! I already forgot the time change.


joyce said...

you sound like us with the sticky notes. I had a three by five card with the note, "get cash, supper, and Bob's haircut" for our evening. Bob says he is pretty sore from climbing into the attic. I had to put first aid cream on his head, and carefully trim around his boo-boos.

Saturday evening---when I saw Bob standing by the clock on the wall, I asked him to take it down for me as I can't reach it. I like to ease into the time change. the oven clock had not been changed since the last power outage a month ago...guess we don't look at it much anymore

Buck said...

I don't like the time change... never did... but it's easier to live with it now than in times past. At least I don't have to get up an hour earlier and get to work.

Bag Blog said...

I hear you on the getting up early for work. Toby's 5:30 alarm came early this morning.

Jo Castillo said...

Sounds like our house. Gene went to bed and slept awhile, then woke up and changed the clocks. Sigh.... Hard getting used to the new time. I love the longer days, though.

Bag Blog said...

Jo, longer days around here just mean more work.