Friday, March 12, 2010

If Only Frustration Caused Weight Loss

I’ve been trying to write about my decision to join a gym, but so far things have not gone according to plan and I feel totally frustrated. Every time I sit down to blog about it, it turns into a rant. I will try to explain and keep it simple.

Here is the thang. A couple of weeks ago I mentioned to Toby my new idea for losing weight. I told him that I wanted to join a gym and get a personal trainer – someone to whom I had to be accountable. I told him that I wanted someone who could help me break through this plateau (I lost ten pounds, but no more). Toby’s reply was that he "would be willing to pay for something like that rather than another fad diet," which was not exactly the response I was looking for, but it was okay. I was probably hoping for encouragement rather than feeling like the hired help.

After struggling with the whole idea of joining a gym and training, which I really hate, but was encouraged to do by nearly everyone I talked to, I joined the Simmons Center on my birthday. I’m not particularly fond of the SC, but it is the best deal in town. All this week I have tried to get in touch with one of the personal trainers, but no one returned my calls. Yesterday, I caught up with the PT at the Simmons Center and asked for an appointment. Unfortunately, she is going on vacation/spring break for the next ten days. I was some disappointed. She also told me that no one checks the messages on the extension line mentioned in the brochure, and that I should get one of her cards at the front desk. At the front desk, the lady gave me a ridiculously hard time rather than just giving me the PT’s card. I was so irritated and frustrated with the whole thang that I just wanted to, well, you might not really want to know my thoughts at this point.

Anyway, I’m going to try again. Jesse has been very supportive and encouraging. She thinks it will be great to do some of the classes or work out together. My sister was also very encouraging saying that she was jealous that I had this opportunity and that I should treat going to the gym as I would a job – go every day. My little brother was also encouraging telling me that he had friends who did this and were in great shape. I still have my doubts about the SC, but I’m trying not to rant. Trust me; The Simmons Center is enough to make a preacher cuss.


Christina LMT said...

Don't give up, Bag Blog! Working out will make you feel so good. I hate, loathe, DESPISE exercising, but it makes me feel so much better and it's nice when you get stronger, too.

I do wish you had a better option for a gym, though.

Buck said...

Well, I pretty much stepped in it with yesterday's comment, didn't I? I agree with Christina, in that the Simmons Center doesn't sound like the place you wanna be.

OTOH, I've had friends in the past who had very good experiences with personal trainers, but not lasting ones. The PT was useful for getting my friends on the right track, so to speak. After they met their initial goals and their routines were set and ingrained they gradually let the PT go. But that was just two guys I knew, YMMV.

Bag Blog said...

I probably should put an "update" on today's post, because I went this morning and did much better.

I know you would rather have stayed out of this one - weight loss is not your thang. Using a PT for getting on track, learning the weight machines, etc. is what I had in mind, but forever - I don't think so.

Catherine MacDermott said...

This is great, Lou! I've gone to a personal trainer for the past 14 years and it's the nicest thing I give myself! I'm totally addicted now! Good for you for making this commitment!!

Jo Castillo said...

This sounds wonderful. I will be thinking of you. You encourage me to get with it, too. :)

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

The racquetball court is a great place to take out some frustration...join me anytime.