Thursday, March 11, 2010

In Like a Lion

The wind has been roaring here the past two days. Thank God for the sunshine, or this could be miserable. My computer connection went down yesterday – I thought it was because of the wind, but the Rhino man said it was a fiber cable problem in Norman. Whatever! This morning I am using my laptop, because my desktop was being very weird yesterday. It even growled at me. I think it may be dying, and I just can’t deal with it this morning.

The Painted Ladies were at my house yesterday. I painted two watercolors and matted a painting. Because I have places to be this morning, I will not get photos of the paintings uploaded, but will work on that later today. I am starting my new life or job, as my sister said. I’m going to the gym.


Junk Diva said...

Going to the gym??? I am so confused.

Buck said... life...

Sounds suspiciously like a New Year's Resolution. But... seriously... I hope that works out (heh) for ya.

It's been VERY windy here, too. And you know how quickly that gets old. WAY-old.

wv: culath. I do believe that's a piece of gym equipment, but I have no way of knowing fer sure.

Bag Blog said...

I have tried writing out my "new life" thoughts, but so far I just bog down. To say that all is not going to plan is an understatement.