Friday, March 19, 2010

Beds and Windows

Something was rotten in Duncan. No, I don't have Hamlet mixed up with Macbeth. There was a stench in my house, but I finally found it. It was not the dog after all. It was my waterbed. For the second time, it had sprung a leak and caused the foam mattress to mildew. This time the bed seemed to be coming apart - The mattress box was worn thin - not to mention stinky. We opted to toss it and shop for a new bed. Toby had taken a half-day at work in order to work on the house - the weather being beautiful yesterday (suppose to snow tomorrow). We spent part of the afternoon taking out the old waterbed and then shopping for a new bed. Decisions! Don't you just love laying on mattresses at the bed store? Of course, Toby was his usual self, saying silly "married things" to me while we tried each mattress - causing much giggling. We finally decided on a mattress, bought it, and brought it home. It is much taller than the waterbed. I may need to get a step ladder or a running start.

Thanks to daylight savings time, we still had lots of day to work on the house. We put up a bit more siding and put in three more windows with a little help from one of Jesse's coworkers. Putting in the windows reminded me of when we were building our existing house and Toby and I had a "disagreement" that was very funny at the time. I happened to blog about it here.

I fixed a late supper for everyone after we got the windows in - followed by some visiting. It had been a full day. The new mattress was pretty darn nice when we finally got to try it out. It could have been because I was one tired puppy.

There was one draw-back to the new mattress. The old waterbed had individual tubes of water which we could fill to different levels depending on whether we wanted the bed hard or soft. Toby kept his side filled fuller making it harder. I liked my side of the bed softer - less water. It caused a ridge in the middle of the bed. The new mattress does not have a ridge. Toby, cuddler that he is, kept crossing the line last night. So did the dog. I felt a bit crowded. In my sleepy state, I kept wondering, "Is this bed smaller than our old queen mattress?"


AirmanMom said...

I remember when Hubster and I tossed the waterbed...a bit of a transition period. Love our mattress now, if only he would quit stealing the sheet! Oh easy answer for that one!
Thanks so much for posting on my blog and supporting my son with prayers!!!!

Kris, in New England said...

We got ourselves a Sleep Number bed about 2 years go. Best money we've ever spent. The Oracle keeps his side at 75-80 (inflation number goes up to 100). I keep mine at a nice princess-and-the-pea 45-50. No ridge either so I guess maybe that wouldn't work for you in your crowded state.

Funny how that works. We are snugglers ourselves and yet - I always wake up with my pillow hanging off my side of the bed and The Oracle taking up part of my side.

I'm not complaining though...just stating facts.

Lou -a quick request. I've moved my blog. Can you please delete the "Reflections by Kris" link and add Noodling on It ( Thanx much good lady!

Buck said...

Toby, cuddler that he is, kept crossing the line last night.

Heh. I was always gettin' in hot water for crossing that line, as well. TSMP liked to be held for a few minutes before falling off to sleep every night, with the EXPLICIT understanding that I was to move to my side when she was ready for me to move. That "ready for me to move" thing was infinitely variable, tho, and I never quite got the mind-reading thing down. Small beer, but sometimes it did burst into flame. ;-)

I'm glad the WX cooperated for ya yesterday. It's chilly and blustery here today.

joyce said...

it is time to replace our mattress, and I am thinking we need a king size---more room for turning over. found the cat in the middle of the bed last night---and when she sleeps by Bob's side, he takes his half out of the middle. I do like the cuddler in him, and how he is such a light sleeper, that he welcomes me back each time I return helping me retrieve the covers...