Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend Report - Snow Again

In Red River, snows in late March were always welcome to get us through the end of ski season and supply the spring skiers with plenty of snow. Snow after March was not so welcome since the ski area shuts down on the last day of March. Mountain people were tired of snow by then, although the moisture was good for the high desert and made for a better summer. Practically everyone in town went on vacation in April - usually to someplace warmer. They should probably avoid OK these days with our cold temps.

After a beautiful Friday with temps in the 70’s, it snowed on Saturday. Although the snow and dreary cold weather was depressing, we did manage to have a good weekend. Friday night, Lindz came over to spend the night with Jesse while her husband, Shay, went with the guys for a "boys night out." Lindz is always a blessing. Saturday morning we awoke to find Shay on our couch – like a big slumber party in our little house. We fixed breakfast – chorizo and eggs - before Toby and Shay left to help some neighbors move. Us girls sat around the house visiting, baking cookies, etc. The boys were home by lunch and hungry again. By that time another one of Jesse’s friends had come to spend the dreary day with us. We cooked hamburgers out on the grill with the snow coming down. I love having friends over. When my new house is finished, it will be even better.

Sunday had more sunshine, but the temps were cold and the wind was blowing. Jesse went to The City to see friends who were visiting from CO. Toby and I were lazy – it is the Lazy B – ya know! I am still under the impression that my computer is not long for this world, so I had Toby show me how to move things to an external hard drive. It is kind of nice to get things organized. Maybe I will be able to extend the life of my puter yet.

Even though the weekend was quiet, there are things brewing here at the Lazy B – things that I cannot explain yet. I don’t know what the future holds, but I am hopeful for good things. I do believe in miracles.


The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Excellent. :)

Buck said...

We had the same sort of weather this weekend... but it got up into the mid-50s yesterday. 75 today! Yays! Mo'sickle riding ain't far away.

Bag Blog said...

Hope is in the air!

Mrs. Bear said...

Am vase shopping this afternoon...wish me luck and happiness

Bag Blog said...

Anny, No vases now.